5 Reasons Why People Think They Are Poor

If you were born in a poor family, it is not God’s plan that you stay poor until you die. I believe that God...

5 Lies You Have To Know About Money

According to Wikipedia, “A myth is a traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a...
Chinky Tan

An Open Letter to Children of OFW

Do you have a parent who is an OFW? Are you finding it difficult to accept the reality that they are physically absent and can’t journey with you as you are growing up?

5 Key Tips on How to Save and Earn Money

Do you want to change your financial life? Do you want to earn unlimited income? Do you want to achieve financial independence? Your financial freedom starts and...

How To Start Up Your Own Business

Many people come to me and ask me how to start their own business. Starting a business requires a whole lot of rearranging pieces, some are a bit exciting than the others.

3 Ways To Look at Money

Do you believe in this quote? “How you view money will dictate how you use it?” Different people have different views when it comes to money. The...

Why Filipinos are the Irish of Asia

Did you know that the Irish and the Filipino have a lot in common?

5 Simple Ways for OFWs to Invest in the Philippines

OFWs are generally the kind of people who leave home because they want to provide for their respective families, others still are looking to...

5 Ways to Make Money Using Digital and Tech in the Philippines

A monthly salary usually isn’t enough to have a comfortable life. This is the reason why having “rackets” or “side hustles” is important. It...

How to Generate Passive Income this 2018

It’s fascinating how quickly some people dismiss the idea of getting a sideline or a small business on the side. Why? Go ahead, ask them. You’ll hear reasons like “I’m too tired”, “too busy”, “no extra time”, or they might argue that they don’t want to lose their much needed “me time”.

8 Problems To Avoid Losing Your Hard Earned Money

EVERYBODY makes money mistakes in this lifetime. I myself, makes a lot of money mistakes. Not just once. Not just twice. It can happen...

Why You Need To Know The Secrets Of Chinoypreneurs

In all things success comes to those who learned from the best and the greatest.
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