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Chinky Tan

Angry! Frustrated! Stressed!

Do you easily get angry? Frustrated? Stressed? It’s so frustrating to meet people who never think of anything else but themselves.
Armando Bartolome

What is generation syndrome?

Starting a family business comes out of love, passion, dedication and strong commitment. The business has to go through so many struggles along the way
Armando Bartolome

Nurturing kids to become entrepreneurs

Almost all kids have entrepreneurial skills. They all have the same goals– to have more “baon” when they go to school. 

2 Questions You Will Not Regret Asking: A conversation every Great Leader should have

Your success as a Leader is directly related to the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have. Would you agree? If yes, then...
Armando Bartolome

Nurturing a business with the important ‘Ps’

A lot of people nowadays no longer just rely on their day jobs. While some may be earning enough from their 9-5 work, it is always better to grab business opportunities that give you an edge in building a brighter future for your family. 
Armando Bartolome

Are You A Team Player In Your Business?

A team player is somebody who always thinks and moves with other members of the team. Have you ever watch how people play in soccer? The focus is not just on the team player who has the ball.
Chinky Tan

There Are No Shortcuts In This Life

We all want to get rich, but none of us want to work hard.  We all want to succeed, but none of us want to try.  We all want to succeed, but none of us want to persevere.
Armando Bartolome

How to go global

Entrepreneurs who thrive locally may feel it's time to go to the next level -- enter the global market.
Chinky Tan

It’s Just A Habit!

Are you always late? Are you always unable to finish your work or assignments? Are you always short on cash? Are you always in debt?

3 Ways To Look at Money

Do you believe in this quote? “How you view money will dictate how you use it?” Different people have different views when it comes to money. The...

7 Indicators Your Business Is Ready for Expansion

There’s no way to go but up, if you are an entrepreneur. You may meet challenges in a business, but if you’ve got the...
Chinkee Tan

The root of Envy

It’s unfair! Why does she have it, but I don’t? You are luckier in life than I am. Why does he get all the good things? I wish I were he. Do you carry these sentiments?

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