World Bazaar Festival

How To Rent Your Own Bazaar Space in Metro Manila

Christmas is just around the corner and entrepreneurs know that this is the best time to sell products. For many years, bazaars have been...

3 Steps to Start Saving and Enjoying Your Money

Q: I READ your ‘5 finance things millennials should do’ article from before, but I’m worried that concentrating on saving and investing won’t leave...

5 Simple Ways You Can Save Money After You Retire

After many years of working so hard, retirement is something many of us look forward to. That time when they can now sit back...
Chinkee Tan

Why Filipinos are Fond of Borrowing Money

It is very common to hear this among Pinoys, “Can I borrow some money? I promise to return it on payday.” But so many paydays have already gone by

5 Valuable Tips from Injap “Mang Inasal” Sia for Budding Entrepreneurs

He sold his popular Mang Insasal brand to Jollibee for P3 billion for a 70 percent stake in 2012 when he was just 33. Four years later, he turned over the remaining shares to the fast-food brand for another P2 billion.

5 Myths Uncovered About Money

According to Wikipedia, “A myth is a traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a...

Chinkee Tan: Seasons of Love – Budget Dating

Let me share with you some Budget Dating Tips so you can creatively express your love without hurting your bank account.
Chinkee Tan

Money Saving Tips for Young Professionals

Some people may choose to enjoy their hard-earned money after every payday, because of the excitement of having their own money and not depending on their parents

4 steps how not to treat our children as our retirement plans

QUESTION: Hi Sir Randell! I’ve been reading a lot of personal finance articles about millennials. I read one that definitely hit home. It was...

5 Warning Signs You Have A Poverty Mentality

I really feel sad and angry when I see people living in lack and in debt. I firmly believe that one of the most alarming...

8 Affordable Business Ideas

One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to start their own business is the lack of capital. It can be intimidating to...

Why I Am Learning Filipino and Why Your Foreign Friends Need to Do the...

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I learn my Tagalog. Here's how! Besides watching Filipino films, singing Tagalog songs and watching...
Water For All

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