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5 Behaviors Of Highly Successful Millionaires

“Wealth is more often the result of a lifestyle of hard work, perseverance, planning, and, most of all, self-discipline.” ― Thomas J. Stanley, The Millionaire...
Armando Bartolome

Nurturing kids to become entrepreneurs

Almost all kids have entrepreneurial skills. They all have the same goals– to have more “baon” when they go to school. 
Corazon P. Guidote

Philippine Consumers Never Had It So Good

I grew up like the majority of Filipinos who mostly just stared at apples, oranges and grapes at select stores that sold them.
Armando Bartolome

Tips in joining a Christmas bazaar

In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts as early as September. Along with carols you hear shopping in malls, you will be hard-pressed to miss the numerous bazaars that sprout like mushrooms just about anywhere.

5 Secrets That The Rich Don’t Want You To Know

When I was a young entrepreneur, I’ve been trying to tag along with some of my relatives and trying to learn the way they...

How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

If you long for financial independence, you must learn to develop a millionaire mindset. It’s not about being cocky. It’s a positive attitude that can help you become successful in any kind of business.

How to Generate Passive Income this 2018

It’s fascinating how quickly some people dismiss the idea of getting a sideline or a small business on the side. Why? Go ahead, ask them. You’ll hear reasons like “I’m too tired”, “too busy”, “no extra time”, or they might argue that they don’t want to lose their much needed “me time”.

10 Ways to Become Your Own Boss

It’s a brand new year and some of you are probably thinking of ways to increase your earnings since everything just gets more expensive...

Why do Pinoys not invest?

I recently saw an infogram stating that only 8% of Filipinos have some form of an investment like stocks, mutual funds, UITF or insurance. Although there has been some gains in the number of Filipinos who have begun investing, we are still way behind many other nations with regard to investing by its citizens.
Armando Bartolome

Nurturing a business with the important ‘Ps’

A lot of people nowadays no longer just rely on their day jobs. While some may be earning enough from their 9-5 work, it is always better to grab business opportunities that give you an edge in building a brighter future for your family. 
Chinkee Tan

Do You Believe in Yourself?

Are you losing your self-confidence? Do your mistakes seem like they won’t ever end? Do you feel like you have no hope in making up for past failures?
Chinkee Tan

What You Need To Do If You Are Going Through Something

It’s so hard to think, strategize, and move on in your life  if you are going through something. Do you feel like you’re carrying a load that is too heavy for you, making it hard for you to breathe?

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