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Chinky Tan

How to Know If You Have a True Friend?

Let’s say you were suddenly promoted, or you have a new gadget, or perhaps something really good happened to you.

3 Tips On How Successful People Embrace Discipline

Not everybody loves DISCIPLINE. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It goes against everything in your body and your mind that wants to just take things easy. In short,...

Grow Your Investment by Growing Your Patience

Have you ever asked yourself... “When will I most likely get the return of my investment?” “Why is it taking so long to earn profit?” Are you...
Chinkee Tan

Tan You Never…!

Since we are in the love month already, allow me to write something that is close to my heart about RELATIONSHIPS.
Linda Atayde with students

Linda Atayde: Lessons Learned from an Unexpected Journey

“Thank God, she got in touch with me!” Those were the words uttered by Linda as she expressed her joy on the day SM Foundation turned over a new two-storey
Chinkee Tan

Endure, Persevere, And Wait Patiently

One of the common tests that all of us experience in life is the test of patience. There are many instances in life wherein we are called to be patient:

Think Long-Term

Here are a few points as to why long-term thinking is a must in investing and why you should stick to a long-term mindset: 1....

12 Chinese Myths About Keeping Your Hungry Ghost Away

Ghost month is the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. It is thought to be the first day of the month, when the Gates of Hell open to allow spirits and ghosts to wander to the world of the living.

6 Best Practices Of Financially Successful People: What They Avoid And Don’t Waste Their...

Have you ever wondered what are the habits and best practices of financially successful people?
Armando Bartolome

What Is Better Life?

I dedicate this to those are searching for a better life. Many of us are almost always faced with stresses and challenges daily.
Chinkee Tan

How to retire without debts

Remember the time when you were debt-free? How did you feel? Happy? Secure? Peaceful? Or all of the above?
Chinkee Tan

We Are No Different From Each Other

Do you remember the film Heneral Luna? I was deeply moved and captured by that movie. One of the things that Heneral Luna said in the film

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