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Chinkee Tan

There Are No Regrets In Life

Do you find yourself always in regret? Like thinking again and again how… You were not able to close the sale, and someone else took over that account…

7 Sacrifices Successful Entrepreneurs Make Today for Financial Freedom Tomorrow

We all dream of becoming successful. While some prefer having a simple life, simply relying on our day job may not be sufficient to...

The Big Buzz About Business

“It’s such a big risk to go into business”, “You might find yourself getting into debt if you go into business”, “Your business idea might not work” — you’ve probably heard these statements from people who aren’t a hundred percent sold out in entrepreneurship.

5 Things You Should Look For in an Investment Manager

For many high net worth individuals, keeping and growing their wealth is an important preoccupation. But some would rather entrust their money to an institution or an investment manager to accomplish this needful task. Choosing who to trust, however, can be challenging.
Armando Bartolome

Outstanding student shares advice to the youth

John Paul Uminga is one of the four Filipino representatives chosen and sent to the United States for the US State Department-sponsored Professional Fellowship Program for economic development track.

Stress Management for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are busy people. They carry a lot of burden on their shoulders and have a lot of tasks that keep them on their toes.
Chinkee Tan

Is God Your First Option or Last Option?

“GOD, just heal me from this terrible disease, and I will serve you.” “GOD, I have done everything there is to do. You are my last resort. Please help me!"
Chinky Tan

Never Punish Yourself for Your Mistakes

Have you done something you deeply regret? Bought something in a sale but never use it at all? Went into a business deal and lost money instead of making money.
Corazon P. Guidote

My Guideposts to Success

Success doesn't come easy. Ironically, the earlier I accepted that, the easier it became. And so, for every goal I make, I take with me a set of guideposts to help me succeed.
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Are Annoying?

Are there people in your life whom you find annoying? Do you not know anymore how you will deal with them? Are you running out of patience for them?

5 Warning Signs You Have A Poverty Mentality

I really feel sad and angry when I see people living in lack and in debt. I firmly believe that one of the most alarming...
Chinkee Tan

How To Live Life One Day At A Time

Are you going through something difficult? Maybe a loved one is sick. Maybe your business is dying and you are on the verge of being bankrupt.

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Bayanihan wins World Dance title at 15th International Folklore Fest in...

Bayanihan, the National Dance Company of the Philippines, successfully raised the Philippine flag in South America by winning the 1st Federation of International Dance...