Chinky Tan

Why Do People Who Get Rich Quick Go Broke Quick?

Do you know of someone who became an instant millionaire, but it wasn’t long before his or her money disappeared, and this person just went back to square one - to being broke and poor again?

Why Millennials Should Be Learning More About Money Management

While individuals in their 20s and early 30s may still be figuring out their place in the world, I have noticed just how different younger people are today.

8 Affordable Business Ideas

One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to start their own business is the lack of capital. It can be intimidating to...

Why you will be a financial disaster in 2020

What is good about entering a new year is the new hope we all have. We are hopeful that 2020 will be kinder for all of us --- that we will have a better life, especially in our finances.

5 Characteristics of A Good Problem Solver

Life is full of problems that need solving. When we were little, our problems were as trivial as figuring out a way to get...

10 Tips on How Savings Money Made Me a Better Person

I am thankful and grateful that my parents really taught me how to save money. But it wasn’t really pleasant when I was starting....
Chinkee Tan

There Are No Regrets In Life

Do you find yourself always in regret? Like thinking again and again how… You were not able to close the sale, and someone else took over that account…
Chinkee Tan

Why Does God Allow Challenges?

There are times in our life when we ask God why we are experiencing suffering and pain. Or at times when the burden is too heavy, we question God’s intentions and plans for our life.
Armando Bartolome

Tips on growing a second income

If the amount an employee earns from a 9-to- 5 job isn't enough to provide for the family, there are other ways to add to the income by engaging in a small business.

Smart Money Tips For A Smarter 20-Something Life

Life in your 20s is both exciting and complicated. It is that awkward stage of letting go of your adolescence and being a responsible adult.
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Easily Give Up?

Have you ever experienced the following? You don’t want to continue just because you experienced a little inconvenience.
Mike Grogan and envoys

The Filipino has been lied to

I feel so blessed that my work as a speaker allows me to travel all across Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, where I get to engage with so many amazing
Water For All

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