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3 Learning Habits of Successful People

Have you ever tried doing a new business or switching to a new career? You are interested in putting your money into something that has...

Tips when investing in bitcoin

As many cryptocurrency enthusiasts know, bitcoin started at less than $1 in 2009. By 2012, it was a little over $6. Between 10 to 12 April 2013, it dropped 83% to $45

5 Tips How to Use Your Money Wisely

Are you experiencing financial stress lately? Good news! Why is it good news? You’re not alone. It’s okay to admit that there are still times you...

Job interview tips for Filipino new graduates

Out of the university gates and into the real world, you’re now ready to test the skills that you’ve honed through years of schooling

5 Warning Signs You Have A Poverty Mentality

I really feel sad and angry when I see people living in lack and in debt. I firmly believe that one of the most alarming...

5 Things You Should Never Do When You Have Money

Money isn't everything but it sure means something. Having money simply means that you can afford to buy what others can’t.

6 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

We are fascinated at how some people succeeded in their own fields. We want to be just like them. But success does not happen overnight.

4 Skills You Need to Learn in Order to Produce Wealth

Over the years, the number one lesson I have learned about making money is that it requires SKILL.

Why This Arab Guy Fell in Love with the Philippines

Do you feel underrated? Do you feel like nobody appreciates your hard work and all of the sacrifices that you have done? Are you not motivated...
Chinkee Tan

Why is it that there are people who are so secretive?

Do you know of people who are so secretive? People who you think are telling the truth, but are really hiding something from you?

How to Spot Good Real Estate Deals

Every great investment starts with a great deal. Investors looking to start their real estate portfolio or even a bachelor planning to buy his...
Chinkee Tan

How Can We Repay Debt of Gratitude

Were there people who helped you out in the past? If yes, what did you do to pay them back? Did you return the favor? Or did you simply let the moment pass because you did not know how to match their effort and help?

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Bayanihan wins World Dance title at 15th International Folklore Fest in...

Bayanihan, the National Dance Company of the Philippines, successfully raised the Philippine flag in South America by winning the 1st Federation of International Dance...