Chinkee Tan: How did this wife multiply the income of her husband?

Chinkee Tan multiply income
Chinkee Tan shares a financial management success story. Credits to Chinkee Tan.

Ever since I have believed that getting wealthy is not about how much income you can take home. The real secret to becoming rich is the wise management of finances. This is what a homemaker named Janet did with her husband’s income. Now, they are living comfortably, even currently preparing for their rich retirement. Let us be inspired by her story.

Dear Chinkee,

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I just want to share my testimony, not to boast, but to inspire. My hubby is a seaman and we have a baby. I know that being a seaman is not a lifetime job. He can be unfit to go onboard anytime. Through your lessons, I learned where to put my husband’s income. So far, we have three kinds of income.

  • Active income – from my husband’s remittances
  • Business income – from the earnings of our small sari-sari store
  • Passive income – from our property rentals which are commercial spaces and a tricycle

Every time my hubby sends in his income, I divide the money into different bank accounts:

Bank account 1 – savings from our active income
Bank account 2 – savings for the future of our baby
Bank account 3 – income from our property rentals

Money organizer – sari-sari store earnings used for our daily expenses such as food and transportation. I use this, too, for our monthly bills like utilities.

What I learned from you is that every cent must have a place. It is more organized and it is easier to keep track of our finances. Whenever there is enough money, I invest it in things that can generate more income like the property and the tricycle.

Coach Chinkee, thank you because I learned a lot from you. I really want to be financially wise so that, someday, my hubby does not need to go onboard anymore. I want us to be complete here in the Philippines. I really dream that my family can live comfortably because of our investments and businesses. I hope many of your subscribers will be inspired by my simple story. Thank you, Coach. More power!

We can learn three simple yet essential things from Janet’s story:

Financial management requires teamwork
It is important that you and your spouse have agreed to the same financial goals. What I love about Janet’s story is that while her husband works hard abroad, Janet also works hard to make wise decisions on where to put their money. Instead of spending it at the mall or at the salon, Janet put the money in assets and in investments that can grow their money.

Have many baskets
Janet’s family has multiple bank accounts. It is a good decision that you assign a particular purpose per bank account. You can easily identify where your money went, plus you will not be as tempted as much to withdraw your savings because the purpose of the fund is clear.

Have different kinds of income
Janet understands the reality that the job of her husband can be lost anytime soon. So, she bought assets that can produce more wealth like the tricycle and the commercial space. More than the passive income, they have a business that actively earns for them. This can help them in case the husband decides to stay in the country or while he is waiting for his contract to go onboard again.

Janet, your story is so inspiring. I am happy that you put into practice what you have learned in our lessons. Janet is an admirable wife and an amazing example. Let us learn from her on how she grew her husband’s income. Let us also be wise in our finances so a family member will no longer need to go overseas to give the family a good future. If only we can be financially smart, our families can live comfortably together under one roof.

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How do you manage your family’s finances?
Does your family have savings accounts?
What investment vehicles are you interested in?

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