Discover The Top 4 Philippine Destinations Filipinos Are Yearning to Visit This Year!

From beaches to historical sites, vibrant cityscapes, and island escapes, discover why these locales have captivated the hearts of travelers. DOT/TPB photos.

Are you looking to quench your thirst for travel but unsure where to go? Fear not, as we reveal the top four Philippine destinations ranked by Google Flights as the most preferred by Filipinos.

Based on Google’s press release, the highest-ranking Philippine destinations in their top 10 list are Caticlan (4th), Cebu (5th), Manila (7th), and Kalibo (9th). These places have proven to be favorite retreats for Filipinos, promising everything from pristine beaches to vibrant city life.

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Caticlan: Gateway to Paradise

Located at the northern tip of Panay Island, Caticlan has secured the 4th spot on the list. As Google aptly described, “Caticlan is known as one of the entry points to the famous beaches of Boracay Island,” offering natural attractions such as the clear waters of the Sanga-an River and the migratory birds of Lupo Lupo Lake. From Pantaleon Peak, visitors are treated to scenic views of Boracay across Caticlan Bay.

Cebu: A Blend of History and Nature

Ranked 5th is Cebu, a province comprising Cebu Island and over 150 smaller surrounding islands and islets. According to Google, “Its prosperous port capital, Cebu City, retains landmarks from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past.” Not only is Cebu rich in history, but it also boasts natural attractions, including sweeping views over the city from the observation deck on Mt. Busay.

Manila: Where Past Meets Present

The Philippine capital, Manila, with its mix of Spanish colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers, has secured the 7th spot. “Intramuros, a walled city in colonial times, is the heart of Old Manila,” states Google. This bustling city provides a unique blend of historical and contemporary experiences for tourists and locals alike.

Kalibo: Hub to Island Escapes

Finally, ranked 9th is Kalibo, the main transportation hub for the resort island of Boracay. Google describes it as “a 1st class municipality and capital of the Province of Aklan.” With a population of 89,127 people as of the 2020 census, this bustling town is a gateway to some of the most stunning beach escapes in the country.

“Nothing beats traveling in Asia, though, which is why our own region is still the top destination for most of us here,” states the Google Flights press release. With these top-ranking local destinations, it’s clear that Filipinos are keen to explore their own backyard, immersing themselves in the natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant city life that the Philippines has to offer.

So if you’re still looking for inspiration on where to go next, Google Flights has got you covered with the most-searched destinations for the months of June to August 2023. Here are some places you may want to explore for your next few getaways:

Top 10 destinations on Google Flight Searches by Filipinos

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Singapore
  3. Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Caticlan
  5. Cebu
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Manila
  8. Seoul, South Korea
  9. Kalibo
  10. Taipei, Taiwan

Whether you’re searching for the ideal beach retreat, a city break, or a trip steeped in history, these top four Philippine destinations have you covered. It’s high time to start planning your next trip and exploring the wonders these destinations offer. As Google Flights encourages, “Explore and book now and Google will be here every step of the way!”

TELL US in the comments below, which Philippine travel spot you want to visit this year.

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