Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas loves taho, shares blessings with Manila homeless

Stefanos Tsitsipas
Stefano Tsitsipas at Davis Cup World Group II press conference. Photo courtesy of Tsitsipas’s Instagram.

Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas visited the Philippines for the Davis Cup World Group II playoffs, sampled taho, and after enjoying his stay, managed to give back to his host country by sharing his blessings with Manila’s homeless.

The tennis world’s Top 6 player led his Greek squad in a win over the Philippine host team in the matches held from March 6 to 7, 2020 at the Philippine Columbian Association. But apparently, the games were not all that Tsitsipas wanted to do in the Philippines.

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On March 9, Tsitsipas uploaded a Youtube video of him and his companion while walking around the streets of Manila and talking about global hunger. In the video, he was shown buying homeless children, whom he found sleeping and eating in the streets of the nation’s capital, food to eat at a grocery store and at a fast-food restaurant.

“You see like we’re going crazy about things, about Coronavirus and everything else and we just do not understand how people are dying on the streets,” his companion said.

“40,000 people daily die because of hunger (but) nobody talks about Global hunger,” Tsitsipas added.

Netizens posted positive comments on Tsitsipas’ YouTube vlog which he titled “Helping the Homeless in Manila”.

Jose Godoy commented “Your not only good in tennis. Your also have a good heart. Thanks for feeding my hungry Filipinos.”

Another Netizen who goes by the username tuberobotto posted a long comment. “To be honest without being disrespectful sir, I didn’t know who you were when I was watching this video, but what I saw in you was a sincere person who just really wanted to help the needy. You have a kind heart sir, and your heart’s in the right place to help others wherever and whenever you can.
From reading the comments here I found out that you’re a tennis star, and I’m sure you’re a very good one, but what I saw in you was a soul who cares about people around him and who has a good heart to help. I pray you remain level headed with both feet on the ground. Stay as you are sir and may God bless your career and endeavors. Warm regards from the Philippines.”

Tsitsipas and his companion also compared the prices between the Philippines and some European countries. They said they could only afford coffee for 20 euros in other European countries when in Manila they could afford groceries for the same cost.

Before leaving Manila on March 7, Stef Tsitsipas left a message to Filipinos on his Twitter account.

“Thank you Manila (Flag of Philippines) for a marvelous 5 days! Humility, kindness and respect was top of the line! I will be back.” he tweeted.

Tsitsipas also left a longer message on his Instagram account where the kindhearted tennis star posted a photo with the caption, “Thank you for putting a smile on my face every single day. Thank you for spreading kindness and generosity. Thank you for embodying and applying this warmth into your daily lives. It’s truly remarkable and a great example for every nation out there to be like you. Thank you for showing me your love and making me feel awesome. I leave a gift behind, and that’s my heart. God bless the Philippines! ♥️🇵🇭”.

International celebrities coming to the Philippines have found ways to give back to their host country. Among the celebrity givers are K-Pop girl group Momoland who donated their Manila concert earnings to Pinoy kids in need.

International personalities who came to the Philippines include Canadian actor and Casper The Friendly Ghost’s human form, Devon Sawa, who was stunned by the beauty of the Cebu and Palawan as he spent his Christmas holidays in the Philippines while enjoying Jollibee meals, Philippine mangoes, and Julie’s bakeshop goodies.

American lifestyle guru Martha Stewart was also in the country and experienced Filipino hospitality as she toured Manila’s historical landmarks, Pampanga’s food and culture offerings, Manila shopping for great finds.

K-pop’s Weki Meki also raised the energy of Pinoy fans in Manila after their 2019 show and expressed their wish to try Filipino food such as adobo, sinigang, and kare-kare and visit Cebu in Central Philippines.

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