JobStreet says more jobs available for fresh college graduates

Fresh college graduates can expect more available jobs this year, according to the recent annual Fresh Graduate Report.

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The JobStreet survey of employers from across the country indicated a 10% increase in job offerings in the last quarter of 2017 – 52,149 jobs available to fresh graduates compared to 47,339 jobs in the same period in 2016.

The national average salary for fresh graduates remains to be attractive at nearly Php20,000. The average of Php19,785 in the last quarter of 2017 shows a slight increase from 2016’s Php19,437.

The report follows an earlier Job Outlook Report which indicated both employers and talents expressing an optimistic view in hiring and hob search activities.

On a 7-point scale, employers averaged a 5.01 showing an increase in outlook optimism versus 2017, while candidates maintain their optimism at 4.68.

This positive sentiment among employers and candidates is backed by indications of increased hiring and job-hunting activity, as 95% of Philippine companies claim to be expanding, hiring more personnel, and maintaining their hiring rate, while 88% of talents will be either monitoring the job market or applying for jobs in 2018.

Confidence among employers is also seen in the increase in job postings, which experienced a 14% increase year-on year and is driven by growth in the top three hiring industries – call center/IT-enabled services, retail, and manufacturing.

The biggest online job portal in the Philippines also ranked the best-paid new hires:

  1. Law graduates – Php27,355
  2. Public relations/Communications – Php24,675
  3. Content creator – Php22,446

“This shows that more and more employers are opening their doors to fresh graduates, presenting a significant shift in what employers need in these increasingly digital world,” concludes Philip Gioca, Philippines Country Manager.

The top three most preferred schools by most employers surveyed are:

  1. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  2. University of the Philippines
  3. Ateneo de Manila University

The JobStreet survey indicating an increase in available jobs for fresh college graduates also marked a shift in the top determinants for hiring – communication skills and analytical thinking, aside from an applicant’s attitude or work ethic.

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