Philippine Science High School student’s penguin-inspired turbine wins NYC Clean Tech award

Philippine Science High School NYC Clean Tech award
Gwen Lianna Valimento of Team savethepenguins from the Philippines wins second place in the Clean Tech Competition for her research on biomimicry and clean energy. Screengrabs from CSTL YouTube video.

Philippine Science High School-Main Campus (PSHS) student Gwen Lianna Valimento has won honors in the Clean Tech Competition of New York City for her penguin-inspired biomimicry research to generate clean energy.

Valimento of Team SaveThePenguins from the Philippines was named among the top three winners of the 2022 edition of the annual tilt which challenges students around the globe to design solutions that use clean technology to solve problems in the natural world.

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The PSHS student’s project “Development of a Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) flipper-inspired hydro Kaplan turbine blade” won 2nd place for using biomimicry to develop a turbine blade that increases the efficiency of hydroelectric power generators.

“Inspired by the flipper of the Gentoo penguin, this blade generates energy at a higher rate than turbine blades commonly employed today,” the competition’s website stated about Valimento’s research awarded in August.

Valimento said her team’s research with adviser Adrian Sumalde looks into new design opportunities for larger-scale turbines to provide communities near small flowing bodies of water with access to a clean energy source.

Valimento shared that studying in a public science high school helped her explore her interest in climate change and inspired her to try and create a solution to mitigate its effects.

The Filipina student bested hundreds of entrants from more than 50 nations and won a cash prize of $5,000 in the energy research tilt.

The 10th annual Clean Tech Competition is a special project of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL), a not-for-profit international organization that aims to encourage science learning and literacy.

Philippine Science High School students have been winning international contests including the International Physics Olympiad in Switzerland, the Geography Olympiad in Paris, and the Biology Olympiad in Armenia.

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