Pinoys in Asia’s Got Talent Finals receive standing ovations

El Gamma Penumbra
El Gamma Penumbra [via Facebook]

All four Filipino contenders who made it to the Asia’s Got Talent Finals got the judges on their feet, first in their auditions, then in the semis, and just yesterday at the finals performances.

These four Pinoy acts, El Gamma Penumbra, Junior New System, Gwyneth Dorado, and Gerphil Flores, received outstanding feedback from both the audience and the judges for their respective performances showcasing homegrown Filipino talent.

Asia’s Got Talent fans witnessed power performances from the acts that earned the golden buzzer for a couple, sending them straight to the live shows, and then the finals. Shadowplay group El Gamma Penumbra even made a judge break down in tears because of their moving performance.

Gerphil Flores
Gerphil Flores [via Facebook]

Gerphil Flores even had judge David Foster promising global fame for the classical singer.

The four Filipino acts are competing against teams from Japan, China, and Mongolia. The winner of Asia’s Got Talent will be announced on May 14.

Have a taste of proudly Pinoy talent by getting to know these four Filipino contenders who are battling for the championship in Asia’s Got Talent:

El Gamma Penumbra

This shadowplay group uses their unique talent to express important messages. Asia’s Got Talent even tweeted that they were proud of the group saying: #Proud of #ElGammaPenumbra for using the big stage to spread an important message about protecting the environment!”Indonesian celebrity judge, Anggun, cried remarking on the group’s touching act for the grand finals.

Gwyneth Dorado
Gwyneth Dorado [via Facebook]

Gwyneth Dorado

This 10-year-old girl was given a standing ovation by all the judges after belting out a Katy Perry song in the auditions. She received four yeses from judges Anggun, Melanie C, Vaness Wu and David Foster. While David Foster was a little underwhelmed by her penultimate performance, he said Gwyneth more than made up for it in the grand finals. She sang a very moving interpretation of Sia’s Titanium for the grand finals.

Gerphil Flores

Her soprano voice captivated all four judges and made David Foster press the golden buzzer for the first time. Dubbed as the “golden girl” by David Foster, she wore a golden dress and stood on a pedestal while singing her rendition of “The Impossible Dream” in the grand finals. Judge David Foster was in awe saying: “I promise you, the world is gonna know about you. That’s a promise.”

Junior New System
Junior New System [via Facebook]

Junior New System

The group sported football-inspired costumes and pulled dangerous stunts in their last performance. They also proudly waved the Philippine flag after their heart-pounding routine.

The dance crew’s performance impressed judges, especially pop superstar, Vaness Wu.

“Boom!” exclaimed Vaness. “Junior New System, fantastic job! I love the energy, I love the technical difficulty of your dance moves, it was just flawless to me. It was amazing.”

These Pinoy talents accepted the challenge of showing the rest of the world what they can do. The amazing four Pinoy acts in Asia’s Got Talent prove once again the talents of the Filipino.

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