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Occupational Therapist youths innovate healthcare access through Telerehabilitation Aruga Clinic

The year 2020 opened with the tragic onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that took away the motivation of thousands of young people. Experts believe that the public health crisis of the lockdown is a children’s rights crisis simultaneously as children cannot play outside and receive equitable social protection.

How the Philippine Youth Saw Hope Through Good Governance

Maria Leonora ‘Leni’ Robredo, one of 2022’s Hauser Leaders at Harvard University, is a shining example of transformational leadership. The Hauser Leaders Program aims to translate the actions of high-profile leaders all over the world into engagements with faculty and students to address our world’s most pressing problems. Ahead of the upcoming World Government Summit - we got a chance to engage in an intergenerational dialogue with Leni Robredo.

Why Sound Management of Chemical Wastes, Pollution Matter to Filipino Youth

Experts in the health, environmental science, policy, and other disciplines convened at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand, for the OEWG 1.2 on a Science-Policy Panel on Chemical Waste and Pollution Prevention. This event is considered a step forward in environmental protection. Discussions like these help us achieve the 2030 agenda, especially since young people’s voices are also part of the panel.

Anne Curtis conquers Tokyo Marathon for Filipino youth abuse survivors

Filipino celebrity Anne Curtis has successfully conquered the 2023 Tokyo Marathon to raise funds for vulnerable women and children in the Philippines.

Cavite Rotaract, Rotary clubs deliver “soup-er quick response” after Paeng disaster

Soup-er quick response: 48 hours after the onslaught of Typhoon Paeng in Cavite, the Rotaract Club of Cavite Aguinaldo (RAC CA) and Rotary Club of Cavite Aguinaldo (RC CA) immediately spearheaded "Soup-er Quick Response" to provide hot meals for flood-affected communities in Noveleta town.

Child cancer help center marks 20th year of Filipino youth care

Child cancer help center CHILD Haus marked its 20th year of continuing care for Filipino youth with an exhibit of its story and testimonies from survivors.

Converge supports young football players from underprivileged communities

Every child deserves the liberty to dream, to play, to enjoy their youth, and to have access to opportunities that will safeguard their future. There is no greater vocation than to serve and care for the next generation, and Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is at the very forefront of this calling.

New creative sourcebook helps teach climate change action using theater

A new creative sourcebook has been released to encourage Filipino students to take action for climate change through theater.

UP student leader Lean Alejandro celebrated as youth hero on new docu-film

University of the Philippines (UP) student leader Leandro "Lean" Alejandro is celebrated as one of the finest examples of Filipino youth heroes in a new documentary film released on National Heroes Day.

FREE magazine on media literacy helps Filipino youth avoid misinformation

A new magazine distributed for free published by Google and the Center for Art, New Ventures, and Sustainable Development (CANVAS) is aiming to help Filipino youth avoid misinformation through media literacy education.

Jose Rizal’s “lampara” lights challenge for Filipino youth to follow hero’s deeds, art legacy

Jose Rizal's "lampara" was shining tonight on the eve of the hero's 159th birth anniversary as a tribute to the son of Laguna's shining example as a heroic Filipino youth whose legacy includes various art forms.

DOST offers science and technology undergraduate scholarships for 2021

Science and technology undergraduate scholarships for the school year 2021 are being offered by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to students interested to join the science community by pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
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