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Philippines’ tourism industry bags 17 nominations in World Travel Awards

The Philippines' tourism industry has garnered a total of 17 nominations in the World Edition of the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA).

Philippines holds S.O.S. Travel Sale to support pandemic-hit tourism industry

The Philippines' tourism sector has announced the holding of the S.O.S. Travel Sale this September to support the pandemic-hit industry.

1000 Filipino workers will soon join Israel’s tourism industry workforce

One thousand overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are being prioritized by the Israeli government for jobs in their tourism industry by the end of 2019. Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Rafael Harpaz said in his column...
Tourism Worcs safety program

Tourism industry sets up safety program for children and women

The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently led various government agencies in the signing of a covenant that seeks to ensure better protection for women and children involved in the country's tourism industries. The country's tourism...
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