Teaching kids how to protect themselves from #Coronavirus made easy with UP’s multi-language infographics

Protect kids from CORONA Virus

CORONA VIRUS. It’s a relatively new word that kids must have heard at school, online, or on TV. It’s making parents and guardians anxious – and rightly so.

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This is exactly the reason why the University of the Philippines College of Allied Medical Professions Community-Based Rehabilitation (UP CAMP CBR) Program came up with a series of colorful COVID-19 infographics designed for children – translated in English, Tagalog, and 7 other local languages. And yes! Even adults can use it to explain in simple-to-understand words and phrases what this disease is about and how we can respond correctly to it.

Dubbed “SI COVID AT SI SUPER BATA”, each one-pager infographics leveraged the age-old battle between good and evil – with the virus as the villain and the kid (SUPER BATA) as the hero of the story – to clearly explain what COVID-19 is about and how kids can win the war against it.

The first part of the infographics highlights the disease: what happens to the body infected with #coronavirus, who can get this disease, and how it can enter the body. The second part of the infographics puts a spotlight on SUPER BATA: all the many different but simple ways he can do to keep himself from getting infected.

One commendable observation is the use of succinct, positive statements that puts emphasis on the capabilities of kids in taking proactive measures to guard themselves against getting the virus. Moreover, the overall theme that one can emerge victorious against #coronavirus is not lost in translation and which only makes the infographics even more appealing.

Their Facebook page first uploaded the series of infographics last March 16, 2020, and updated last March 20. It is available in the following languages:








Iluko (Pangasinan/La Union)

Kudos for the UP Camp CBR Program for going the extra mile to use facts not to scare or cause panic but to inform and boost confidence among kids and all of the Filipino communities!

Several initiatives have sprouted from the University of the Philippines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, among them, the GenAmplify COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit developed by the UP National Institutes of Health (UP NIH), UP Diliman students collaborating on a cheaper and easy-to-set-up sanitation tent, fundraising for personal protective equipment for health workers at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), a hospital dedicated to COVID-19 patients and whose medical interns opted to stay on duty despite being allowed to go home during the Luzon-wide community quarantine.

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