University of the Philippines’ Siyap soundscape installation allows public to hear wild birds on campus

University of the Philippines Siyap Soundscape
The UP community and visitors at the Academic Oval and the Science Arboretum can enjoy the sound of wild birds through Siyap. Screengrab from Siyap video via UP Diliman social media.

The University of the Philippines (UP) community and visitors will soon more clearly hear the chirps of campus wildlife residents with “Siyap”, an outdoor exhibit of wild bird sounds in UP Diliman.

“Siyap” – meaning “chirp” or “twitter” in Filipino – is the soundscape installation that allows the public to hear the wild birds living among the greens of the UP Diliman campus.

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Launched by the UP Diliman Technical Working Group for Biodiversity Management and its partners during Diliman Science and Society Month in October, Siyap aims to bring general public awareness to the existing biodiversity on campus as it advocates for a healthy, sustainable, wildlife-inclusive environment.

A video walk-through of the Siyap project shows how sound reflectors placed underneath the trees would amplify the sound from the wild birds. The strategic angle of the reflectors allow the bird calls to bounce back sound to audiences sitting or standing near the installation at the Academic Oval and the Science Arboretum.

Siyap places reflectors under the trees to capture sounds and bounce them back to audiences. Screengrab from Siyap video via UP Diliman social media.

The University of the Philippines has also pioneered a DNA barcoding project in its efforts to protect the country’s wildlife.

Silliman University in Dumaguete City had recently declared its seaside campus a sanctuary for all wildlife, improving on its bird sanctuary status.

CHECK OUT the Siyap walk-through in this link and SEND cheers in the comments below to its project team for innovating ways to create wildlife-inclusive environments.

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