Update your Vision Board!

Positivitrix Vision Board
Vision boarding by Positivitrix.

We are halfway through 2021, can you believe that?!

How are you doing with the goals that you set for yourself last January?
How near or far are you in reaching them before the year ends?
When was the last time you looked at your Vision Board and felt good about it?

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Vision board? What is a vision board?
A vision board is literally a board where you put photos and words of your dreams, aspirations, and anything​ else that you want to be, do and have.
It’s a very powerful tool that helps you manifest your goals faster, and easier.

You may or may not have made a Vision board for 2021. You could be one who did it online via Canva or Pinterest, or you chose to stick with the traditional way of making it with the materials you have at home. Or you are not so familiar and you are now wondering “What is that thing?! I have heard about it but I haven’t made one ever! I just have photos of what I want inside my head. That’s it!”

I am asking you because we are midway through the year and no matter how objective we should be in many areas of our lives, please know that our feelings towards our goals matter SO MUCH.

To the point that there are times when, all we need is to cultivate those wonderful, loving, grateful feelings in order for us to get back on track, feel rejuvenated, and attract that money into our bank account!

On my last public Vision Board workshop this January, I shared how, in 2020, during the pandemic and the longest lockdown on Earth happened, I was able to close the biggest deal in my career, and how I made the most money, without having to leave my house. And with all honesty and sincerity, I know, up until today, aside from skills, I have to give a lot of credit to my unwavering belief in the power of creative visualization that was all made possible by my Creator.

All these things, gifted by God, I am once again using, as I power through halfway 2021!

So my dear reader, if you are far from reaching the goals you set for 2021, if you think you are lost and overwhelmed by the many things you need to do, if you are not sure where you stand right now, why don’t you start working on your feelings again and those empowering beliefs that will help you power through?

Look at your vision board today. Or if you don’t have one, visualize the top 3 things you have been longing to have. Now prime yourself for the wonderful result you are anticipating. Imagine they are all coming to you, they are all being created in your reality. Feel as if they are already happening. And then build upon the excitement on a daily basis so you can up your frequency and that of your end goal.

You might be thinking that the process above is interesting or intriguing but you are not so sure if you really get it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact that you are welcoming these ideas and eager to learn how to do priming to get yourself realigned to your purpose again, that’s a big step already. What’s next is, you do it. Trying it out. Giving yourself time to sit down, review your goals and the action you have taken, work on your inner self, balance your energy, and feel that your dreams are all coming to you now.

Look. Should you want help to reignite that fire, and to see how else you can push yourself, you may join me and a group of people like you in my Free Vision Board Review happening in a few weeks!

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Sending you a purple light today to give you extra doses of positivity.

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