WATCH: The charms of Pinoy “Pasko” Christmas festivities celebrated in travel video

Christmas is more fun in the Philippines
The Department of Tourism – Philippines releases a new video illustrating why Christmas is more fun in the Philippines. Screengrab from DOT video.

Christmas is more FUN in the Philippines! And that is mainly because of Filipinos whose Christmas season is a five-month celebration of festive lights, iconic carols, sumptuous food, and heartwarming gatherings with family and friends.

These and many more reasons why Christmas is more fun in the Philippines are shown in the new Department of Tourism (DOT) video released on December 16.

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The DOT video features the narration of a seemingly foreign tourist explaining traditions during the Christmas season that depicts the true Filipino Christmas spirit such as going to mass at 4 am, singing Christmas carols, enjoying the Noche Buena feast, giving generous gifts and love during heartwarming gatherings with family and friends.

The Philippines is known as the country that celebrates Christmas as early as September until January the next year, filling every street all over the nation with Christmas decorations and lanterns or “parol“, and entertaining neighbors and strangers alike with the singing of carols.

Christmas Gathering from the DOT’s Pinoy Pasko Video. Screen capture of DOT video.

To unlock more secrets as to why the Philippines is also known as the most festive country in celebrating the Yuletide reason, check this out.

The Southeast Asian nation also has the best Christmas parties witnessed by the Irishman in Manila, Mike Grogan.

The Pinoy 9-day Novena Mass was showcased to the world as Pope Francis recently celebrated the 1st-ever Simbang Gabi or the Misa de Gallo at the Vatican.

WATCH IT HERE: DOT Philippines video of Pinoy “Pasko” Christmas festivities offered to travelers in the Philippines, bringing you the essence and spirit of Filipino Christmas!

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