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5 Myths Uncovered About Money

According to Wikipedia, “A myth is a traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a...

10 Tips on How Savings Money Made Me a Better Person

I am thankful and grateful that my parents really taught me how to save money. But it wasn’t really pleasant when I was starting....

5 Tips How to Use Your Money Wisely

Are you experiencing financial stress lately? Good news! Why is it good news? You’re not alone. It’s okay to admit that there are still times you...

How To Say ‘No’ to Relatives Who Borrow

Do you have relatives who are always asking to borrow money from you? Lending money is okay, if the borrower knows how to pay it back.

Why Is It Hard To Talk About Money With Our Family?

A lot of the parents teach their children basic things like… Saying “po” and “opo” Knowing right from left Memorizing the alphabet Counting from one to ten And many more…

What Is The Best Investment Today?

Before anything else, what is an investment? Investments are things that you buy now, but give you long-term future profit. For example, a house may be considered as an investment if you will have it rented out.

Five Signs That You Are Headed for Financial Disaster

Are you aiming for financial freedom? Then you need to take note of these signs that serve as a warning that there are things in your life that are hindering you from achieving your goal.

Why Do Filipinos Lack The Discipline To Handle Money?

Do you have friends who are like this… They are not earning enough, and yet they keep spending their money on vices and unnecessary and luxurious things.

Becoming Wealthy Starts With a Healthy Money Mindset

Maybe you’ve asked yourself why there are some people who are struggling in this life with money. They live paycheck-to- paycheck, or as we say it in Filipino, isang kahig, isang tuka.

Do You Love Money?

Here are 4 Tips For You To Love Money Money is the beginning and but never the end of it all: those...

Honest NAIA porter shares reward money to workers

A pushcart retriever at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) shared his cash reward worth P10,000 to fellow workers


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