Preserving Filipino Pride in New Zealand: Banyuhay Aotearoa Fuels Youth Enthusiasm with Jose Rizal...

In a bid to keep the Filipino heritage alive among migrant communities in New Zealand, Banyuhay Aotearoa, a Filipino charity organization, is sparking youthful enthusiasm with a youth speech choir competition. This contest aims to foster love for Filipino literature, using the legendary poem of national hero Jose Rizal, "Sa Aking Kabata".

Prioritizing Peacebuilding With Japanese University Professor Dahlia Simangan

“We have to advocate for peace even amidst times of peaceful situations,” says one of the leading Philippines’ peace advocates and academician, Dr. Dahlia Simangan.

Enjoy International Flavors at STREAT FEAST Feast in Winnipeg this August

If you are looking for a way to engage and bring the community together, then this event is right up your alley - especially if you live in Winnipeg! Admission is free and the event is located at The Forks CN Stage and Field at #1 Forks Market Road. The event will take place on August 19 and 20, 2023.

Triumph Over Trials: Inspiring Filipino-American Journeys of Zen Esguerra and Ysabella Baetiong

What a pleasant surprise to hear my name announced at the ninth-grade promotion! We, teachers, never know what influences or impacts our students so, to be recognized by someone of stature, the Associate Student Body President, is a high honor. Additionally, hearing Tagalog, my native language spoken to greet guests is incredible, as it validates our presence in America, and warmly welcomes our Filipino families and friends.

Auckland’s best batchoy cooked by a Filipino from Iloilo

In this episode, get to know Andrew Judicpa Drew who is from Pavia, Iloilo. Andrew is a marine engineer with a passion for cooking. He grew up with the family business in the Philippines and has brought his mother’s cooking to New Zealand. He started his La Paz Batchoy and BBQ business as a sideline and a year ago he decided to go full-time. Learn more about how he started his business, the challenges, and the rewards for La Paz Batchoy and BBQ in Auckland.

Enjoy Taste of Manila Festival In Toronto’s Little Manila This August!

Attracting more than 350,000 guests, one of them being Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Taste of Manila is coming back for its 10th year in Toronto this August 19 to 20, 2023.

Get To Know Coach David, the Pinoy guide of the Tall Blacks New Zealand...

In this episode, get to know David E Perez, basketball coach and founder of Unofficial: CAMP DAVID, who is again involved with the logistics team of the New Zealand Tall Blacks coming to the Philippines for the FIBA World Cup scheduled this August 25 - Sep 10, 2023.

Dr. Papa’s Impact Is Viral: Meet The Trailblazer of Phage Biology in Asia!

In her younger years, Donna Papa kindly asked maintenance personnel if she could use a piece of worn laboratory equipment thrown in the trash by her peers to test out her ideas for Phage Biology. The result? A lifetime of advocacy to combat antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture, horticulture, and health.

Cabalen Ballers win Ambassador’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand

In this episode, Direk Rene chats with Pinoys Nardjo Botio and Coach Wowskie of the Cabalen Ballers after winning their game at the annual Ambassador's Cup which has started in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr. Eileen De Villa’s Excellence: How the People’s Doctor of Toronto Honors Filipino Roots

Fortunate is the Filipino who uses her platforms to bring out the best in others. A bright statement to share as colorful as the scarves she wore in her public appearances. People may know Dr. Eileen De Villa as a loving mother of three. A public health doctor to almost three million residents in Toronto. An Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto. Maybe even as a friend to Canada’s multicultural city. One thing our Kababayans should know is she is also a proud Filipino!

Unique Filipiniana-themed fashion show using banana fiber raw material launched as House of Musa...

In this episode, Direk Rene returns to feature the House of Musa in New Zealand.

Rwanda forever! A Filipino’s purposeful visit to the Land of Thousand Hills

The first thing that comes to mind for Filipinos when thinking of trips abroad would be Singapore, Thailand, or Japan. Even wondering of a chance encounter with BTS in South Korea would be a dream come true! Never would I have thought that I would be visiting the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda. This landlocked country in Central Africa has numerous attractions such as Lake Kivu, where you could pick out fresh tea leaves, and Akagera National Park for your safari game drive experience. The best part about the country is that it is Visa-free for Filipinos!
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