3 Tips On How Successful People Embrace Discipline

Not everybody loves DISCIPLINE.

It’s hard. It’s exhausting.

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It goes against everything in your body and your mind that wants to just take things easy.

In short, it is a barrier between you and your occasional desire to just be lazy and not work.

One of the surest ways to become better in what you’re doing in life is to establish some form of discipline. It can be in your daily routine, how you handle your money, what you spend on, how you spend your time each day, or even your attitude towards life.

Surprisingly, a lot of people resent the idea of being disciplined. But, guess what, most successful people got to where they are because they embraced discipline.

There was once a young Chinese boy who helped his father in their sari-sari store for twelve hours each day in Quiapo, Manila. He would think of more ways to increase their profit by repackaging products in smaller sachets. True enough, that young boy increased their income by repeatedly doing what he did.

He sacrificed time to play with his friends and hang out like any other teenager because he saw the need to help his family.

Unfortunately, that young boy and his family lost their store during World War II after it was looted and burned down. In spite of this, he pressed on. He went into buying and selling different kinds of goods during the war just so his family can survive. In fact, he once got hit by shrapnel that almost killed him as he was selling his goods.

From the boy in the market who sold repacked goods in his father’s sari-sari store, he grew to become a big shoe salesman that is now known as “SM”. That boy in the market was Henry Sy.

Mr. Sy understood the value of making sacrifices and establishing disciplines in his life. These are the same values he imparted to his own children.

He developed himself in these key areas:

DISCIPLINE 1: Hard work
DISCIPLINE 2: Making money
DISCIPLINE 3: An attitude of perseverance


What kinds of disciplines do you practice in life?
Are you able to follow them?
What will you do in order to discipline yourself in important areas in your life?

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