5 Qualities of a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

With brochures to review and websites to visit, searching for a home can be confusing. While you can decide on your own or get inputs from friends, it pays to have the guidance of an expert who knows the ins and outs of the housing landscape. Real estate agents are professionals who sell, buy, or lease properties. A trustworthy agent can guide you through the life-changing process of buying a home – from touring properties and viewing units, to making sure you have all the necessary documents to make moving in a breeze.

Agents are trained to sell different properties and they can entice you to consider a ton of options before you can finalize your decision. It helps to have someone you can count on as you make a big purchase. Before you talk about options and sign papers, make sure your agent possesses these qualities:

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Real Estate Agent Qualities

A good listener who understands your (real estate) needs

Your sales agent needs to put your needs and requirements first – after all, a happy client equates to a happy and fulfilled agent. As a customer-oriented sales agent, he needs to listen closely and take into consideration what you want in a home so he can prepare enough options. It’s also a plus if he can offer solutions to unexpected problems you might encounter in the course of your home buying journey.

Knows the property by heart

After getting a feel of your needs, your sales agent must be ready with recommendations for your review. Does the property you’re eyeing fit your lifestyle? Are there enough transportation options to and from the condominium? How many units are there per floor? Your real estate agent must be ready to address your queries about the property and what it offers. It’s a plus if he knows the location well so he can help you picture what it’s like to live in the development.

Speaks clearly and easy to talk to

From being able to present a project’s amenities to helping you envision a life within it, a great real estate agent can communicate what a property offers without a hitch. If you suddenly have questions about payment terms, fees, and other concerns, it’s important that you can reach your sales agent via phone to discuss such matters. He needs to be proactive in making sure you’re updated about the property and letting you know if there are changes related to the project, to name a few.

Real Estate Agent Qualities

Transparent and does not participate in undisclosed transactions

A real estate agent must maintain high ethical standards by being honest with all dealings and avoiding arrangements that his company isn’t aware of. He must be able to provide you with copies of forms and official documents related to purchasing a property when you ask for it. You can also request for a breakdown and schedule of fees for your reference.

Real Estate Agent Qualities

Approachable and pleasant

It’s not enough that you base your judgment on how an agent dresses – it’s a must that he’s engaging, welcoming, and friendly. Can you openly discuss your requirements with your agent? Is he enthusiastic about helping you find a dream home?

Finding the right property for you can be easier if you’re working with someone you’re comfortable with, who’s confident with the property he’s selling, and ready to help you go through hurdles related to buying property. At the end of the day, your sales agent is your friend who wants to help you move into your dream home as soon as possible and checks on you from time to time even after the sale.

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