6 young Filipino programmers win medals in Singapore’s National Olympiad in Informatics

Young Filipino programmers bag gold, silvers, and bronze medals at 22nd NOI Singapore. Photo: NOI Philippines

Six young Filipino programmers have won medals for the Philippines in Singapore’s 22nd National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), besting competitors from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The programming students participated in the 2019 edition of the NOI at the National University of Singapore where Filipino students had previously won Olympiad medals.

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The young computer aces qualified with the highest scores among Filipinos in the Singapore NOI Preliminary Round, allowing them to proceed to participate and bag medals in the international competition that encourages aspiring programmers from around the world.

Dan Alden Baterisna has been representing the country for three years and won his third gold medal in the competition. Ron and Dion also represented the country twice and won their second silver medals. Steven, Clyde, and Raphael did an outstanding job obtaining medals in their first international competition.

Here is the new batch of medalists who competed in at the 22nd NOI in March.

  1. Dan Alden Baterisna, gold
  2. Ron Mikhael Surara, silver
  3. Dion Stephan Ong, silver
  4. Steven Chua, silver
  5. Clyde Lawrence Borrega, bronze
  6. Raphael Dylan Dalida, bronze

The students, trained by professional programmers from NOI Philippines‘ Vernon Gutierrez and Robin Yu along with several other coaches and parents, went through a five-hour session consisting of five problems where each contestant must write a program that outputs an answer to the problem given a set of inputs, following the constraints given in the problem’s statement.

Send your cheers in the comments below for our young Filipino students who continue to represent and win medals for the country in international events!

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