Philippine beaches remain on top of the list of travel destinations for world travelers even with the temporary closure of the famed Boracay Island, voted Best Island in the World by various travel magazines.

The archipelagic country of 7,107 islands have more of both popular and unexplored islands to offer the traveler in need of an energizing swim or water sports in clear waters, beachcombing activities, and enjoying the warmth of the summer sun and the iconic Filipino welcome.

GoodNewsPilipinas put together this list of your Boracay alternatives – beaches which showcase the country’s natural beauty, white powdery beaches and the bluest blue waters.

1. EL NIDO, Palawan

CNN Travel gave El Nido the Top 1 spot in its 2017 ranking of the Best Beaches in the World. Home to around 50 white beaches, El Nido is surprisingly affordable, offers adventure sports under the sea and in caves, and takes care of its marine life.

2. PAMALICAN ISLAND, Cuyo Islands, Palawan

Pamalican Island
Pamalican Island [via Suitcase Mag]

Suitcase Magazine gave Pamalican Island the #1 rank in the “Top Ten Beaches in the World.” The island, set in the middle of a 7-square-kilometre coral reef, is a private island housing the exclusive Amanpulo hotel and accessible via private plane, perfect if you want privacy and luxurious living amidst pristine waters and white sand beaches.


Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) readers ranked the islands of the Philippines on top of the 30 Best Islands in the world outside the U.S., with Boracay 1st, Palawan 3rd, and Cebu ranked 2nd for its beaches on the mainland and surrounding islands. CNT recommends Cebu City for providing a more personal experience in shopping and restaurant-hopping, compared to Phuket in Thailand.


Cresta De Gallo, a single strip of virgin island in Romblon, is gaining attention as the Most Beautiful Island in the Philippines. A Lost LeBlanc video blog series “in search of the island you never knew existed” featured the MIMAROPA Region island and praised it as worth the time and money invested to get there, for the bluest water and unspoiled beach.

5. PINK BEACH, Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

Pink Beach Zamboanga
Pink Beach, Zamboanga [via National Geographic]

National Geographic has praised Pink Beach in Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga as one of the “21 Best Beaches in the World.” Great Santa Cruz Island became famous for being the only pink sand beach in the Philippines, its’ pink color coming from pulverized red organ pipe coral mixed with white sand.

6. CAMIGUIN ISLAND, Northern Mindanao

Camiguin Island has remained relatively low key in drawing tourists in, compared to more popular beach destinations. It is the 2nd smallest province in the Philippines next to Batanes, giving the visitor a feel of exclusivity. The island province counts as its attractions the world famous sweet lanzones harvest, the instagram-mable Sunken Cemetery, and the Mt. Hibok Hiboko forest reserves.

7. CLAVERIA, Cagayan

Widely acknowledged as the Coastal Paradise of the North, the municipality of Claveria in Cagayan at the northwestern tip of Luzon Island offers various interesting top-notch tourist spots for the world traveler. Unspoiled beaches and rivers offer long walks with beautiful sights.

The natural rock formations off the coast of Claveria can make you teary-eyed not just because of their beauty but also because of the Lakay-lakay legend that tells of the stones actually formerly that of a small fishing family who lost their son to the seas because of a mistake, and that they now stand as protectors of other fishers.

From north to south, Philippine beaches are recognized worldwide as top travel spots. Take your pick and enjoy the summer!

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