7-year-old boy from Sorsogon captures hearts of netizens

Justin, a school boy from Sorsogon in the Philippines has become social media sensation for his being a responsible child and for love of family.

The 7 year-old kid has become popular among netizens after a picture was taken of him cradling his one-year-old baby brother on his lap went viral on the internet.

Justin takes took his baby brother to class as he doesn’t want to skip school and no one could look after his little brother at home.

A Grade 1 student in a government-run school located in a rural area of Salvacion village in Magallanes town in the Philippine province of Sorsogon, his teacher took the photo which shows Justin cradling his brother close to him while doing homework in the class and posted it on her Facebook with a caption:

Habo ko pag-absent ma’am, digdi ko na lang alingon an tugang (1 year old) ko may trabahoon po si lola (guardian/grandmother) sa bulod, dai ki mabantay (“I don’t want to be absent, ma’am.)

I will carry my one-year-old brother here because my grandmother has to work in the farm and no one will take care of him,” the teacher quoted Justin as saying in the local Bicol dialect, according to the post.

The young boy’s words struck many netizens as how matured and responsible he was compared to his tender age. Many netizens wished the boy’s success in his future.

One netizen commented: “He’s an example of being responsible, despite his tender age.” while another netizen gave the boy a compliment for not forgetting his duty to study despite having a responsibility to look after his brother. “He knows his priorities,” the netizen wrote.

The boy sure has a heart of gold for willing to take care of his baby brother despite him wanting to attend the class. We wish him all the best in his future and may his family get the help they deserve.

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