The fact that Susie Rose is already 75 years old has not held her back from breaking world records at the Amateur World Powerlifting Congress (AWPC) World Cup held August to September in Idaho; the powerlifting grandmother even picked up 8 gold medals on her way to bagging 3 world best scores.

The Filipino-American grandmother broke 3 world records at the AWPC in her age group:

  1. Dead lift – 220 lbs
  2. Back squat – 110 lbs
  3. Bench press – 77 lbs

Rose previously qualified for the AWPC in June after setting an American Powerlifting Federation competition national record for dead lift of 209.4 pounds in her 65-plus age division.

The Bulacan lass who studied at the University of the Philippines before moving to the United States, credits her fitness lifestyle to her 7 children and 37 grandchildren.

“When my husband passed away, then my kids, they tried to help me channel my energy into something more progressive, because they didn’t want me to feel sad,” Rose shared on Balitang America.

“Having so many grandkids, then I want to be fit and healthy to be able to help take care of them,” she adds.

NBC News described Rose’s daily regimen:

“Every morning at the crack of dawn, 75-year-old Susie Rose gets out of bed, makes herself a cup of ginger tea (a recipe from her grandparents when she was growing up in the Philippines) and heads to CrossFit Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) in Draper, Utah, with her son Paul. The two begin the session with warm-ups first, then several reps of whatever the day’s workout calls for: burpees, sit-ups, pushups.”

In the American television news feature, Rose was described as an active participant in her grandchildren’s lives and the Filipino community.

“Outside of the gym, Rose stays as active as she can, whether it’s running every 5K she gets the chance to participate in, spending time with her 37 grandkids, or dancing with Kulturang Pilipino Ensemble, a Filipino dance troupe. Last summer, she hiked to the peak of Mount Olympus with friends.”

The Pinoy lola powerlifting champion began training in Crossfit-powerlifting in 2012 and has not stopped exercising since then.

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