A show of ETO NA! Musical nAPO! to benefit Child Haus, Link Project Charities | Good News Pilipinas! TV Express

Good News Pilipinas interviewed the cast of ETO NA! Musical nAPO! about their restaging on April 5 and why they chose to benefit Child Haus care center for cancer-stricken children and The Link Project that provides educational support to children.

The original Filipino musical’s Alfritz Blanche (Sonny), Floyd Tena (Rick), and hair and makeup designer Elliza Aurelio gave the Good News Pilipinas team insights into the show that pays tribute to the music of APO Hiking Society.

Executive Producer: Angie Quadra-Balibay
Video Producer & Editor: John Christian Santos
Assistant Videographer: Krizzia Nieva
Writers: Atom Pornel, Trixie Esguerra
Interns: Marclee Agustin, John Zedrick Simeon

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