Abra farmers train to maintain solar powered irrigation system

Solar powered irrigation system
The SPIS harnesses solar energy and open water sources to irrigate the model farms. Credits to PIA.

Abra farmers from model farms are now skilled at maintaining their Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS).

The SPIS harnesses solar energy and open water sources to irrigate the model farms.

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Farmers from the four model farms in the municipalities of Bucay, Danglas, La Paz, and Tayum are maintaining the SPIS which cost P6 million each.

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The Department of Agriculture established model farms using the SPIS as source of irrigation water.

The Abra farmers were taught how to troubleshoot and maintain their own SPIS, according to the Philippine Information Agency report in May.

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SPIS maintenance trainees include members of the following:

  1. Malabbaga Farmers’ Association of La Paz
  2. Danglas Abra Farmers Brotherhood Association
  3. Bagalay Solar Power Irrigators’ Association
  4. Nagballitangan Farmers’ Association

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