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Aklan principal Elmer Lumbo personally finishes school construction to meet DepEd deadline

Aklan's school principal Elmer Lumbo
“Sir Lumbo” – the inspiring school principal who serves beyond his duties by doing construction work for the good of the school and the students. Photo from Jose Elvis Lumbo’s FB.

Aklan’s school principal Elmer Lumbo has served beyond his official duties by personally finishing Habana Integrated School (HIS) Buruanga’s construction work to meet the Department of Education deadline.

The 59-year-old school head for 10 years caught netizen’s attention and went viral as his photos while concreting the school’s steps at night was posted by his son Jose Elvis on Facebook last October 28, 2020.

The proud son of “Sir Lumbo” – as his students address him – proudly shared the photos of his father who was notably wearing soiled jeans and long sleeves at 8:51 pm holding a small flashlight while fixing the stairs that were damaged by typhoon Quinta.

“At 8:51pm , Wala ako kakita ka Principal sa bilog ka Pilipinas nga ga Mason ga construction kag gapasadya Kang School nila, si tatay Sir Elmer Lumbo Lang gid Principal Kang Habana Integrated school, Buruanga, Aklan”

(Wala akong makitang principal sa buong pilipinas na nag mamason, nag coconstruction at nagpapaganda ng school. Si tatay elmer lumbo lang, principal ng Habana Integrated School Buruanga Aklan)

Sir Lumbo went on social media on November 2 to thank everyone for the unexpected attention. According to the passionate educator, he had to finish concreting the stairs to meet the deadline of the accomplishment report to be able to receive the maintenance and other operating expenses that partly goes to the printing of modular materials for their students.

Sir Lumbo added that it is not only the students’ education that matters but also the pleasing surroundings that will contribute to the children’s learning.

With much attention given to the inspiring teacher, he humbly recognizes his role as a concerned school head and a public servant for the good of his school and the students.

“Those simple acts of mine that went viral and garnered several positive reactions and likes from netizens emanated from the loving concern of my son, Jose Elvis Michelet Lumbo who caught me still working at night and forgetting to have dinner on time…”

“I pretty well know that there are plenty of colleagues in the Deped community across the country who did more heroic acts worthy of emulation. Mine was just a “chunk of a fraction…”

“I believe each one of us is significant before the eyes of God. He makes us His instrument in making this Earth worthy of living. We have our mission to be of service in the community we are sent to serve…”

“Your recognition, appreciation and accolade will be treasured forever not only by my family but also those of the stakeholders who believe in my selfless service and leadership in Habana Integrated School. I wish to share this with you all. May this serve as my inspiration in performing my duties with more fervor dedication.

“Let us work together for education and welfare of the Filipino children especially during this moment of challenges and uncertainties brought by the pandemic.”

More inspiring stories from Filipinos who value educational excellence include Lumad Joeffrey S. Mambucon who overcome discrimination to earn the honor of being the first Tigwahanon-Manobo doctor of medicine and Abra’s Edrian Bangngayen who went from child laborer to honor graduate.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Aklan’s principal Elmer Lumbo for serving beyond duties by personally finishing his school’s construction work to meet the DepEd deadline.

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