Always Chink Positive + Part 2

If you have been a follower of this column, here is the second part on how to think positive.

I heard one speaker once said, “You will never win in life, if you always think you are a loser.” Simple yet profound. So if you want to live a winning life, let us move on to the next set of tips!


The reason why people are negative is probably because their hearts are full of bitterness and anger. They are unable to forgive, and so they simply cannot be express positivity in their life.

We should learn to forgive or else it will affect every aspect of our lives. Nursing the anger and negative feelings will only be a huge burden on you, which is not worth all the effort and time you give it. What’s done is done. Past is past. Releasing forgiveness can be difficult, but it will finally allow you to move on from your mistakes as well. Happiness and positive thinking cannot be achieved if we are still holding on to what was done to us in the past.


Stop over-thinking. Worry has no benefit for your life. It will only bring you stress, and you will be negative most of the time. Don’t spend your time and energy worrying about what is to come.

Think positively. Live in the moment. Live one day at a time.


Be nice and kind to others (even if they don’t deserve it). Being kind to others will generate positive feelings in you and the person with whom you are being kind. Everybody is a winner in this situation. Being kind is to be a good person and there is no better way to think and live positively.


An obvious way to eliminate negative thinking is to have fun. Having fun leads to laughter, excitement, and enjoyment. Why don’t you deviate from your usual routine! GO! Life is too short to waste on a pity party of sulking, complaining and being negative. Take a vacation, play, spend time with your family and friends; do the things that will make you happy (as long as it won’t hurt anyone and doesn’t break any laws).


Drama is for entertainment. If you are already being immensely affected by the drama you watch on TV or read about in tabloids, then get rid of it. The problem with following too much drama on media is that it spills over in to real life! Look, there are too many people now surrounding us who don’t know of anything better to do than to start a real-life drama! Avoid these people.

Eliminate these influences from your life; instead rejoice in happiness and gratitude.


Learning to be grateful for all you have in life is fundamental to becoming a positive thinker.

Count your blessings and name them one by one. There are so many blessings that we do not see and fail to appreciate because we are too busy focusing on things that we do not have. Make it a habit to always be grateful and thankful in all circumstances. It will surely create a lasting impact in your life.


Our mind is the battlefield. We should start to choose to be positive in our mindset. If we think positive, we will act positively. It all starts in the mind. Feed your mind with happy and positive thoughts and make it your choice… always.

If we only know how to be a positive thinker, I’m sure you will be inspired in life, your perspective about life will be better and you will be more excited to live.


What are you feeding your mind lately?

Who is your circle of friends?

What are you thankful for today?

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