American call center giant Alorica expands PHL operations, to hire 9000 agents

American call center Alorica
Alorica Philippines brings up its workforce to nearly 50,000. Credits to Alorica Philippines.

American call center giant Alorica is expanding its operations to another 9,000 agents, bringing its total current workforce to nearly 50,000.

Alorica is already the third-largest customer experience provider in the country with the workforce spread in 19 delivery locations.

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The Communication Workers of America (CCW) awarded BPO of the Year was reported by international research firm Frost & Sullivan highlighting the company’s expansive operations in the Philippines.

“The ingredients that are baked into Alorica Philippines’ DNA, make it an excellent choice for customer care, financial solutions, tech support, revenue generation, and omnichannel solutions,” said Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“The Alorica Philippines team is highly educated—90 percent of company employees have earned a college degree and have excellent English skills. It’s perfect for providing exceptional, or ‘insanely great,’ end-to-end services to customers across all industries,” DeSalles added.

According to DeSalles, Alorica Philippines serves the needs of the world’s best brands through the following differentiators:

  1. Innovation in Agent Hiring – An automated chatbot for recruiting manages 7,000 to 10,000 interactions per month, meeting scalability demands and reducing cost-per-hire by 84%.
  2. Developing the “Super” Agent – Through deploying tools like microlearning and gamification, Alorica builds high-quality talent fast and improves CSAT through engaging tools that appeal to their millennial employee base. The report cites results including reduced training time by 80% and improved CSAT gain at 15% for a retail client.
  3. A Focus on the Employee Experience – From onboarding to career growth opportunities, Alorica prioritizes its people. Strategic onboarding and career development programs have led to industry-leading attrition rates. In fact, 75% of the Filipino leaders at Alorica began their careers as agents.
  4. Empowering the Alorica Community – Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA), a global non-profit organization and partner of Alorica, has 15 established chapters in the country. Led by Alorica employees, each chapter has the autonomy to raise funds and choose which organizations and individuals they want to support from their communities.

“It’s our special culture and high-quality environment that make us Alorica here in the Philippines,” said Bong Borja, President of Asia-Pacific Operations at Alorica. “It all starts from the moment you attract a candidate, the way you hire and develop them, all the way through to how they provide the best experience to our clients’ customers. That’s why we are committed to making strategic investments in our people as well as the technologies and processes that support them so that we can continue to be the leader in this space.”

International companies have been setting up base or expanding their operations in the Philippines, among them, French food group La Rose Noire setting up in Clark, Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group expanding operations, and UK’s Dyson Electronics, among many others.

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