Amorsolo paintings-inspired prenuptial photos of Cebuano couple go viral online

This couple innovated on traditional prenuptial photos and came out with uniquely Pinoy images. Credits to Wildfolks Studios.

Unique and refreshing prenuptial photos inspired from classic Filipino paintings seemingly inspired by national artist Fernando Amorsolo’s rural landscapes went viral after Wildfolks Studios posted them online as a photo album.

Wildfolks Studios captured the photos of Cebuano couple Wendy and Roger who went to Bohol rice terraces, rivers, and fields for the photo shoot.

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Instead of wearing a gown or suit which are normally used for prenup photos, the couple wore baro’t saya and kamisa de chino. They also chose to be photographed with Candijay rice terraces and river as their background, instead of travelers’ choice beaches or in the world famous Chocolate Hills.

In the online photo album which was posted on April 20, Wendy and Roger can be seen walking through the fields while holding each other’s hand, harvesting crops, with baskets of fruits, and washing clothes in a river, as if they were the models in classic Filipino paintings of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.

Amorsolo-like scenes were showcased in these pre-wedding images. Credits WildfolksStudios.

Wildfolks Studios shared in an interview with the Inquirer that the concept of Filipino culture in the prenup was from the couple Wendy and Roger.

Though photos were also expected to go viral online, Wildfolks Studios said that the concept was hard and “kind of scary” to pull off.

To date, the viral photo album already received 31 thousand shares and almost 8 thousand comments – maybe because “concept is not seldom used and the couple is brave enough to do it.”

The field of dreams for Cebuano couple Wendy and Roger. Credits to Wildfolks Studios.

The prenup photos of Wendy and Roger received positive comments from the netizen admired the couple who “relived some of the Filipino culture,” said the report.

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