Ariana Grande bows to TNT Boys in surprise performance on Late Late Show with James Corden

PHOTO CREDIT: The World’s Best CBS Instagram

International queen of pop Ariana Grande bowed before the TNT Boys from the Philippines as she surprised the Filipino trio on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The TNT Boys, who received the world’s adoration and the judges’ affirmation with a near-perfect score of 99 from the new CBS talent show “The World’s Best”, were performing their cover of the power-belting song “And I Am Telling You” when Grande suddenly made an appearance to sing with them on Corden’s show.

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Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto, and Kiefer Sanchez were visibly shocked at seeing and singing with whom they admitted earlier to Corden as their “obsession” but showed their professionalism and went on singing their lines and hitting their high notes as usual.

After one particular section, the American singer went down on her knees and bowed to the boys. Grande praised the boys after the performance and the boys responded asking, “Is this a dream?”

In a backstage video Ariana Grande could be heard saying to the TNT Boys, “You guys so are incredible…it makes me nervous.”

The TNT Boys posted the video on their Instagram to thank Ariana Grande for inspiring them.

The YouTube video of Ariana Grande with The TNT Boys is now trending at #1 garnering nearly 3 million views with hours of posting.

WATCH how Ariana Grande and the TNT Boys show mutual admiration in this video:

Comment below if you, too, are cheering for The TNT Boys on “The World’s Best” on CBS Wednesdays.

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