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Banwa, Palawan wins Private Island of the Year in Destination Deluxe Awards

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
Banwa Private Island of the Year
Banwa Island is Destination Deluxe Awards’ “Private Island of the Year”. Photo from Banwa IG.

Banwa Island in Palawan, Philippines has been chosen as the “Private Island of the Year” winner of this year’s international Destination Deluxe Awards.

The Philippines’ private island retreat came in first place for the prestigious award bestowed by a group of 17 global tourism industry experts who judged the annual competition to honor the leaders and pioneers in wellness and travel around the world.

Quality, transparency, and originality drive the fundamental criteria for the winners of the awards, according to Destination Deluxe which spans 22 categories this year as it announced its winners on November 26, 2020.

The Philippine private island resort’s management says the award was consistent with Banwa’s vision for “creating unparalleled guest experiences in a remote yet luxurious setting”.

Located in Northern Palawan, Banwa is a 6.5 hectare island with world-class amenities including its own floodlit tennis court, dive centre, and golf course, among others. Banwa is also home to thriving marine life and biodiversity and is a favored nesting site for the endangered Hawksbill Turtle, the Dugong (Sea Cow), and numerous other rare species.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Banwa as this year’s winner in the ‘Private Island of the Year’ category. Banwa’s sought-after exclusivity is more timely and important than ever,” Vivienne Tang, Founder & CEO of Destination Deluxe commented.

“Being able to experience Palawan’s untouched natural environment is something we all dearly long for, and a getaway on this beautiful and luxurious private island sanctuary should be on everyone’s bucket list for next year!” Tang added.

Banwa Private Island is set to re-open in early 2021.

Another Destination Deluxe Awards winner from the Philippines is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy offered by the Aegle Wellness Center in The City Club, Manila. It came in third place for Destination Deluxe’s “Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year”. The oxygen therapy exposes the body to high-concentration and high-pressure oxygen periodically to helps ensure it gets what it needs.

Destination Deluxe is a travel and wellness publication as well as a booking portal for world-class destinations. Its awards annually handpick the finest luxury resorts and hotels, the most sought-after destinations, retreats, and spas from around the world.

The Island of Palawan has been named the 2020 “Best Island in the World” by the prestigious Travel+Leisure magazine of New York while Club Paradise resort in Palawan was recently awarded in the Green Destinations’ worldwide Top 100 Sustainable Destinations list for eco-conscious travelers.

SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to Banwa Island in Palawan, Philippines, for being the “Private Island of the Year” in Destination Deluxe Awards 2020!

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