Beautiful space in between

“I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives!”

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I often hear the words above, but personally, I usually refrain from saying the words “can’t wait.” No matter how exciting, I can wait. Because I love the space in between. I love the wondering. The possibilities. The opportunities. The discernment, the excitement. And the necessary prayer and preparation.

Because it is actually when things are quiet and stable that we must be aware. It’s in the routine that we feel the blessings. It’s in the stillness that we hear the message.

And it’s here that we feel the pull to four diffferent directions. The waiting for opportunitiy for intentions and suggestions set forth. The growth of the seed that’ll hopefully bear fruit. This is the time to discern and decide where God is leading us.

It’s the time when a baby is growing in your belly. It’s the time between seasons that a TV series is being created. Scripts are being written. Actors are being casted. Rehearsals are being scheduled, before the curtains rise.

It’s here that we all have the opportunity to step back, ponder, think, brainstorm, pray, prepare and be ready for it.

And then decide.

But first, the showcase of possibilities and shower of opportunities are endless and exciting. And we can wait.

Before we turn the page.

We are in between seasons of #PHTimeIsNow sessions. In the meantime, we are in a different kind of labor. What are you preparing for?


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