Binalot Unveils Groundbreaking Komiks Store Design at Franchise Asia

Binalot Franchise Asia
Explore Binalot’s exciting new Komiks Duotone Design, a unique blend of Filipino comics and traditional dining, unveiled at Franchise Asia 2023. Dive into the story of this cultural fusion and discover how Binalot is redefining the Filipino dining experience. Photo from Binalot.

Binalot, the iconic Filipino fast-food chain, has launched a pioneering new store design, the “Binalot Komiks Design,” at Franchise Asia 2023, held at SMX Convention Center, MOA. The design reflects a unique blend of Filipino comics and traditional dining, offering customers more than just a meal – it’s a dive into the rich Filipino culture.

The innovative Binalot Komiks Duotone Design is a nod to the vibrant Filipino comics, creating an ambiance that combines nostalgia with a modern twist. Rommel Juan, President of Binalot, shares his childhood passion for Pinoy comics, which inspired this fusion of traditional and contemporary elements in Binalot’s new design.

“My love for Pinoy comics dates back to my childhood. I’ve always wanted to infuse this beloved aspect of our culture into the Binalot experience. With the Binalot Komiks Duotone Design, we have artfully intertwined tradition, modernity, and our deep affection for Filipino comics to create a truly unique dining atmosphere,” shared Juan.

At Franchise Asia held on the last weekend of October, Binalot’s Komiks Design booth was a standout attraction, drawing a wide range of visitors. This design not only captivated the crowd but also attracted the highest number of dine-in customers at the event, reaffirming Binalot’s strong market presence.

This fresh concept promises an engaging experience for both regulars and first-time guests. Binalot continues to serve its popular dishes in an environment that’s now enriched with Filipino comics, adding a layer of charm and nostalgia to each dining experience.

Binalot has been innovating in various ways such as expanding into the overseas market and introducing its revolutionary eco-friendly packaging.

Discover the fusion of taste and tradition at Binalot’s new Komiks-themed stores. Share this story and join us in celebrating the innovative blend of Filipino culture and cuisine.

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