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Bridging Borders: Filipinos Gain Worldwide Access Through FDA Medical Coding Certifications

HIMTI is setting a new benchmark in medical coding education with the help of CYPHER Learning’s generative learning platform. Photo of co-founder Dr. Carlos Ongaco, HIMTI and CYPHER Learning logos.

The Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI) is enhancing the educational experience through CYPHER Learning’s generative learning platform adapted to fit the national context of healthcare workers, contributing to a 100% pass rate on certification exams and creating new job opportunities at a global scale.

The Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI) celebrates this remarkable achievement, setting a new benchmark in medical coding education. In a significant nod to their high-quality training and exceptional outcomes, Dr. Carlos Ongaco, co-founder of HIMTI, announces an unparalleled 100% pass rate for their recent Inpatient Coding Training classes, setting new standards for medical coding education.

The institute’s comprehensive programs prepare students for various certification exams, including those from AHIMA and AAPC, supported by CYPHER Learning AI-driven learning platform. This collaboration has been instrumental in creating modern, engaging, interactive, and personalized learning experiences that significantly contribute to the institute’s outstanding certification outcomes.

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning

“In a striking display of our commitment to educational excellence, HIMTI is pleased to report a 100% pass rate for our latest batch of inpatient coding training. This signifies the efficacy of our training modules and highlights our dedication to providing high-standard education that equips our graduates for the global healthcare industry,” said Dr. Carlos Ongaco.

Graham Glass, Founder and CEO of CYPHER Learning remarked, “The exceptional performance of HIMTI’s students emphasizes the synergy between high-quality education and cutting-edge AI technologies. Our AI 360 offering is instrumental in empowering institutions like HIMTI to deliver courses that not only meet but exceed industry standards.”

During the past year, HIMTI trained more than 1,700 students, showing significant growth. Its training success rates stand at 90% for live virtual and 84% for online self-paced courses, with corporate training achieving a 100% pass rate. Additionally, in February 2024 Medical Coding Fridays, was launched to support Filipino healthcare expatriates in the Middle East, it has provided comprehensive local language materials, emphasizing HIMTI’s global commitment.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

· Certification Leadership: HIMTI trains nearly half of the Philippines’ new certified medical coders, playing a crucial role in advancing healthcare professional standards.

· Technological Innovation: By adopting CYPHER Learning’s AI-driven platform, HIMTI enhances educational experiences, boosting student engagement and personalized learning.

· Education Accessibility: HIMTI offers an accessible, high-quality medical coding education, providing a valuable local alternative to international programs that address the demand for skilled professionals. By leveraging online, AI-powered learning overcomes the Philippines’ geographical barriers, making advanced education available to everyone, even beyond metropolitan centers.

· Localized Expert Learning and Language Pride: HIMTI adapts global coding standards to fit the Filipino context, integrating Tagalog and Cebuano into its curriculum. This approach increases the accessibility of complex material and celebrates the Philippines’ linguistic diversity. By successfully preparing students for U.S. exams using local languages on the CYPHER platform, HIMTI inspires pride in the country’s 173 native tongues, leveraging Filipino’s polyglot abilities to ensure professional success.

· Social Impact: HIMTI links education to career growth, providing Filipino healthcare workers with local and global job opportunities. This approach elevates their professional status and offers an alternative to the labor diaspora, addressing the social and family costs of working abroad. With many Filipinos desiring to stay home given the option, HIMTI plays a crucial role in reversing the brain drain trend and supporting family cohesion by enabling professionals to find fulfilling careers within the Philippines.

· Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with corporations and academic institutions such as CYPHER Learning underline HIMTI’s commitment to developing a robust talent pipeline for the healthcare information management sector.

· Industry Alignment: By aligning its programs with industry demands, HIMTI addresses the skills gap and ensures a steady supply of qualified professionals.

HIMTI, in partnership with CYPHER Learning, continues to revolutionize healthcare education, achieving significant outcomes and distinguishing its graduates in the competitive medical coding field.

For more information on the CYPHER Learning best practices, please click here.

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning


The HIM Training Institute offers a comprehensive range of medical coding courses designed for various levels of learners, including both beginners and those looking to advance their careers. Their training modalities include live virtual classes and self-paced online courses, covering areas like inpatient coding, medical coding for the Middle East, and preparation for credentialing exams. HIMTI, founded in 2015, is a private institution focused on providing high-quality education and training in medical coding. They boast an exceptional 90% pass rate on the medical coding credentialing exam, significantly higher than the global industry average of 46%.

For more information on HIMTI and its programs, visit HIMTI’s website.

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