British-Filipinos dominate 5th Dance World Cup in Germany

Young British-Filipino dancers amassed gold and silver medals to give Team England a push to claim its 5th Dance World Cup Overall title.

Chantelle Tonolete
Chantelle Tonolete

Chantelle Tonolete won the world title in the 9 Years & Under Acrobatic Modern Solos with her quirky performance as a little “Flying Purple People Eater” at the 2017 Dance World Cup Finals in Germany.

The Brit-Pinoy girl won 6 gold and 2 silver medals in various categories.

Ganica Olipas, Nicole Manumbre, Samantha Chan, Angeli Sagala, Melvin Manunbre, Macy Galimpin and Sophia Tejero won gold medals in various dance categories such as 9 and under Mini Troupe, 13 and under Children’s and Acro Troupe; 9 and under Mini Tap Troupe; 13 and under Children’s Song and Dance, 17 and under Acro Troupe.

The young dancers train with Spotlight Stages School in the United Kingdom, which prides itself of having a devoted Filipino community of dancers and their families.

Asked by ABS-CBN about carrying both the Philippine and England flags, the young dancers affirmed the honor of being Filipino in the international stage.
"Even if I represent England, I still feel the competitive spirit of a Pinoy," said 13-year- old Melvin Manumbre. 
"I’m a Filipino 100% so even though I’m representing England I have that blood running through my veins as a Filipino. I don’t mind either way, I’m proud to be both, " said Nicole Manumbre, 14 years old.

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