Carlo Zamora, Klienne Eco win UAE’s Xposure Home-Captured photo contest

Carlo Zamora photo contest
Carlo Zamora’s work “Playing With Bubbles” (Left) won 1st place and Klienne Eco’s “Light Paint” (Right) won runner-up in Xposure #HomeCaptured. Photo from Xposure.

Filipino photographers Carlo Zamora and Klienne Eco won 1st and 2nd places, respectively, in the United Arab Emirates’ Xposure Home Captured photo contest.

Zamora of Manila and Eco of Caloocan, respectively, placed in the top two spots in the second week of Xposure International Photography Festival with their stunning shots taken from their own homes.

Xposure initiated the weekly contest in mid-April 2020 to promote the development of photography skills during the global quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Xposure looks for photos reframing the photographer’s homelife within the four walls of their own houses, or a peek through the window.

The photographs of Zamora and Eco won were judged by a 5-Score System by a panel, with criteria focused on Composition, Technical Quality, Lighting, and Creativity.

In first place is Carlo Zamora’s work, “Playing With Bubbles,” of a child blowing soap bubbles against a stark black background. It was praised for its use of lighting and balance throughout the piece, and was overall described as a “thoughtful and well-executed composition.”

“Light Paint” is the runner-up winning photo taken by Eco, described as an abstract work on a book’s folded pages and praised for its “stunning blend” of an ordinary subject and color against a dark background.

For their Xposure-winning artistic works, Zamora won US$1,000, and Eco won US$750.

More Filipinos have been recognized for their stunning photo-work. For example, Jophel Botero Ybiosa recently won a monthly competition for wildlife photography by the Asian Geographic Magazine.

Ybiosa also received accolades for his photographs of the Mud People in Nueva Ecija.

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