Cebu’s Plastic Barter Store trades food and goods for recyclable trash

Plastic Barter Store Cebu
The Plastic Barter Store accepts plastic trash from customers who exchange their plastics for any of the items on the store shelves. Credits to 12 Baskets Movement.

Plastic Barter Store in Cebu has opened with a unique proposition: trade food and goods for recyclable trash brought in by customers.

The store accepts plastic trash (sachets, bottles, packs, etc) from customers to trade for any of the items on the store shelves.

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The trading post opened on June 15 and in about three weeks was able to collect 2000 kilos of plastic which were then sent off to an eco-hollow block-making area in Talisay.

Plastic Barter Store is part of the 12 Baskets Movement Food Bank & Plastic Recycling livelihood project initiated by the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu.

The initiative was recently recognized for its philanthropy at the 3rd Spring Rain Global Asian Philanthropic Development Conference 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Plastic Barter Store is at Balay Samaritano located beside the University of Southern Philippines Foundation Mabini Campus in Cebu City,

You can support the movement by exchanging your trash or by donating goods that can be given to traders at the Plastic Barter Store.

Eco-hollow blocks from recycled plastics exchanged at the Plastic Barter Store. Credits to 12 Baskets Movement.

Here’s How to Exchange your plastic trash for food or goods:

Step 1: Collect plastic trash (sachets, bottles, packs, etc)

Step 2: Visit the Plastic Barter Store at Balay Samaritano (beside USP Mabini)

Step 3: Hand over your recyclable trash to the Plastic Barter Store in-charge.

Step 4: Choose the items you want to receive in return!

SEND cheers, donations, and plastics to Cebu’s Plastic Barter Store and SHARE in the comments below your innovative ideas to eliminate plastic wastes in the environment!

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