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Celebrity moms Jackie Forster, Bernadette Reyes respond to LIGHT IT FORWARD Challenge

Celebrity moms Light it Forward
These celebrity moms have accepted the challenge to join the solar lighting movement.

Celebrity moms Jackie Forster and Bernadette Reyes have responded to the call for humanitarian work by joining the LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge to build solar lamps for donations to places without electricity.

The two proud mothers joined the online trend of Liter of Light’s campaign to pass on the solar lighting movement to the world in a span of 20-30 minutes.

Using the handy kits sent by Liter of Light, the solar challenger must assemble the lamp while filming the process. Upon completion, it will be sent back to Liter of Light to be delivered to the communities needing the lamps.

Everyone is encouraged to be a solar champion along with these celebrities to continue the chain of lighting movement and be a light to families living in darkness.

Jackie Forster and Bernadette Reyes showcasing the solar-powered lamps.

Jackie Forster

Jackie is a former actress and a mother of five including Kapuso actor Andre Paras and UP Fighting Maroons basketball player Kobe Paras.

The celebrity mom posted her video on July 12, 2020, and started off with a brief overview of the campaign and said that the lamp will help the 20 million families that have no access to electricity.

She goes on to say that the solar lamp will last for five years and it helps reduce carbon emissions by 1000 kg.

After the process, she encouraged everyone to partake in the challenge saying,

“Once you’re done with this, I hope you can challenge five or ten of your friends to also do this so we can all help be the light for people still living in darkness. God bless you!”

WATCH Jackie Forster Light it Forward here:


Bernadette Reyes

Bernadette Reyes is a resident reporter at GMA Network and is a mother to her 5-year old daughter.

The news anchor accepted the LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge of her friend and fellow news reporter Mav Gonzales and posted her own video on July 14, 2020.

Reyes showcased the sanitized and disinfected solar kit that was delivered to her by Liter of Light.

Before the reporter begins the assembly process, she explained why she accepted the challenge and gave a short history of her previous project with the Executive Director of Liter of Light – Illac Diaz.

“The reason why I accepted this challenge is because I want to help light up communities and I really believe doon sa potential ng mga plastic bottles,” said Reyes.

“Many many years back I was able to do a story with Illac Diaz and he used plastic bottles to make schools and this time, yung mga recycled bottles naman to light up communities,” added the reporter.

The celebrity mom introduced each part of the lamp and guide the viewers on the manual saying “it’s as easy as that and I think 7-year old kids can do this.”

While making the solar lamp, Reyes encouraged the viewers to make one for themselves and donate it too saying that the recipients will surely appreciate it.

After the successful lighting, Bernadette challenged everyone to take a step in helping out others by donating solar lamps in areas without access to electricity and LIGHT IT FORWARD.

WATCH Bernadette Light it Forward here:


Jackie and Bernadette are part of the first batch of celebrities who have taken part in the Light it Forward challenge, along with Mark Zambrano, Robert Seña, Mav Gonzales, Bodie Cruz, Ina Feleo, Jayson Abalos, Gil Cuerva and Lucho Ayala.

Check out the backstory of the Light it Forward Challenge if you’re interested in the campaign and want to know how it all started.

Do you want to accept the Light it Forward Challenge? Message the Light it Forward team on Facebook to find out how you can join the advocacy!

This article on Jackie Forster and Bernadette Reyes first appeared on Light it Forward.

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