Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Have you experienced times where you were discouraged and about to quit, but you chose to endure the pain and made it through?

Let me give you an example:

– A mother who will sacrifice her sleep just to attend to the needs of her newborn baby
– A runner who will continue to get to the finish line despite a sprained ankle
– A parent who will skip a meal just to pay for the tuition of his child

Sounds familiar? These are only some of the few examples of TRUE COMMITMENT.

I can still remember when I started my career in sales. Rejection after rejection, people I expected to buy never bought from me. Until such time I was discouraged and doubting myself if I was really called to do this. But what kept me moving was my commitment towards my vision to become a millionaire before the age of 35. I continued and sacrificed and true enough at the age of 27, I was able to achieve my goal.

Commitment means choosing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to get what they want regardless of the consequences.

In saving money, COMMITMENT will serve as one of your pillars of strength to keep you standing until the end.


  1. ACCEPT THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE MENTALLYPrepare your mind that you need to make a plan and list down the basic and extreme challenges and sacrifices that you are going to expect.

    Accepting it will lessen your disappointments because you’ve somehow prepared for it so it won’t come as a surprise.

  2. ACCEPT THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE EMOTIONALLYShould you encounter unwanted events it is normal that you’d still feel anger, fear, or pressure even if you’ve accepted it beforehand.

    For example, if you are committed to save money, don’t pity yourself for not having the latest gadget or get angry, instead, try to pause and think why you are making the sacrifice.

    It will be painful at first, but once you practice it you will get used to it.

  3. ACCEPT THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE PHYSICALLYMake yourself aware of the things that you need to say NO to such as overspending, excessive shopping, or eating out.

    You can’t go and visit your favorite resto, spa and all the things that you used to do. Practicing this will help you transform your new habits then the new habit will transform you.

  4. ACCEPT THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE SPIRITUALLYIn order to bring commitment to the finish line, we need to exercise our faith in God. Lack of faith is a “Can’t do it” sign of negativity and will create negative results (which you do not want to happen).

    Set your mind towards God, that He will never leave us nor forsake us. God won’t allow any obstacles to defeat us rather they will make us only stronger and better.


How committed are you in what you’re doing?

What kind of sacrifices are you willing to take so you can save?

What  motivations can you think of in order to you to keep you on track?

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