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Ding Dong Dantes Reveals Inspiring Partnership That’s Revolutionizing Delivery Services

Dingdong Dantes chats with Rico Hizon in an interview on CNN Philippines’ The Final Word. Screenshots from TFW.

Renowned Filipino celebrity Ding Dong Dantes shared insights into how his pandemic-time venture which aimed to revolutionize the delivery service industry in the Philippines is continuing its work. Dantes unveiled the story behind DingDong.ph and its collaboration with RiderKo, shedding light on their mission to provide quality delivery services using people-centric technology while empowering local communities.

In an interview with Rico Hizon on CNN Philippines’ The Final Word, Dantes opened up about the inspiration behind DingDong.ph, stating, “I was inspired by my wife and her home-based flower shop… her delicate items, her preserved blooms, needed to be delivered to customers with proper TLC.” This revelation underscores the personal motivation driving Dantes to address the challenges faced by businesses, especially during the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.

The partnership with RiderKo, a 100% Filipino-owned company, marked a turning point for DingDong.ph, as Dantes emphasized, “We can just simply automate the whole experience… we can easily grow the operations, and more importantly, we can already branch out to many other services and products.” This collaboration signifies a leap forward in utilizing technology to enhance the customer experience and expand service offerings.

When discussing competition in the industry, Dantes expressed, “Right now, we really don’t see them as competition… we value their presence, and we learn from them.” This perspective reflects a mindset of collaboration and continuous learning, essential for navigating the evolving landscape of delivery services.

Looking towards the future, Dantes revealed plans to launch verticals catering to restaurant owners and online shops, stating, “Very, very soon, we will be launching our Eats Vertical… to address the needs of our restaurant owners through technology.” These upcoming initiatives demonstrate DingDong.ph’s commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

Throughout the interview, Dantes showcased his passion for entrepreneurship, affirming, “I’m really passionate about telling stories… I’m also passionate about helping people.” This dedication to making a positive impact aligns with DingDong.ph’s mission of providing quality delivery services using people-centric technology while empowering local communities.

As the interview concluded, Dantes expressed gratitude for the partnership with RiderKo, stating, “Having these people alongside you to realize the goal and dream, sobrang nagiging mas madali para sa’yo (it becomes much easier for you).” This acknowledgment of the importance of collaboration and shared values underscores Dantes’ commitment to success in both business and show business.

Here’s a clip from the full interview:

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