Enjoying UP-made Lukal drink: You Can Never Get Enough of It!

University of the Philippines Lukal drinks
Agnes Hannah enjoys her ginger-calamansi Lukal drink.

Lukal is a ginger/calamansi Vitamin C drink that University of the Philippines food technology students Sofia Tagle and Meghan Sevilla made.

They made the drink concentrate from Luya and Kalamansi to keep frontliners healthy. For non-frontliners like us, it’s guaranteed to make you stronger.

I drink Lukal because it makes me very healthy. It may be a bit sour, but it’s exciting to drink as it’ll make you shiver from the slightly-sour and slightly-sweet taste.

Lukal is actually a tasty drink that you mix with water. The look of my Lukal drink mixed with water is yellow-ish white as the concentrated drink is diluted. I experiment with different amounts of it and get a refreshing taste every time! It’s an exciting drink you can share with your family!

Maybe you should make a game about “Which Lukal is The Asim-est” where your family members each get a turn to drink Lukal and every turn they will have to add a slight amount of Lukal! Lukal will protect you from Coronavirus, anyway!

For every bottle of Lukal someone buys, Sofia and Meghan will send a free bottle to health workers in hospitals who are finding the cure to Covid-19 to keep everyone in the country safe.

My family’s been buying Lukal throughout the lockdown and we’ve all been healthy while helping keep the frontliners healthy!

You should consider buying Lukal to test out the amazing wonders of this delicious drink. You might have experiences like me, drinking more than 4 cups of Lukal per day!

Sofia, Meghan, I hope you keep making Lukal and so that everyone can start tasting this wonderful drink! I also made a little catchphrase for Lukal… Remember, You can never get enough of it!

To get your own Lukal drink while sponsoring a bottle for hospital frontliners, check out their FB page here.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Lukal PH for creating healthy drinks for frontliners and the nation!

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Agnes Hannah Q. Balibay
Agnes Hannah Q. Balibay is a Filipino Pride young advocate who really, really loves computers, digital art, and making friends from around the world.