Exemplar of Integrity: Letter Carrier’s Act of Honesty Touches Hearts in Rizal

Letter Carrier's Act of Honesty Rizal
San Mateo Post Office Municipal paid Letter Carrier Ruben Gregorio (left) turned over to owner Romeo I. Nabo (right),  the wallet containing 8,000 pesos and important IDs he found while delivering mail. Photo from PHLPost.

In the scenic, mountainous embrace of San Mateo, Rizal, a story of remarkable integrity unfolds, painting a vivid picture of honesty in the heart of the Philippines. Ruben Gregorio, a dedicated letter carrier with the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), recently became a beacon of hope and trustworthiness in his community.

Stationed at the San Mateo Post Office, Gregorio, a devoted father of four, discovered a wallet containing 8,000 pesos and crucial identification cards. The wallet, belonging to Romeo I. Nabo, a respected educator at Dulong Bayan Elementary School, held more than just monetary value—it was a symbol of someone’s hard-earned livelihood and identity.

With unwavering moral conviction, Gregorio has been navigating the challenging terrains of Brgy. Pintong Bukawe, Timberland, and Maarat since 2017, promptly returned the found treasure to the post office. The action sparked an immediate search for the rightful owner. Nabo, the relieved teacher, was soon reunited with his belongings, a testament to the honesty that still prevails in today’s world.

Juliet Dawila Otadoy, the Acting Postmaster of the San Mateo Post Office, proudly recounts the incident, celebrating Gregorio’s integrity. “We are proud that PHLPost honors him for a job well done,” she said, reflecting the sentiment of a community uplifted by an act of simple yet profound honesty.

Gregorio’s story resonates far beyond the walls of the post office, inspiring his colleagues and the wider community. The Post Office’s social media channels buzzed with pride, lauding Gregorio’s exemplary conduct. “Your excellent performance and loyalty deserve a merit of appreciation…! We are so proud of you, Keep up the good work always, God bless you,” read a jubilant post, echoing the collective pride and joy.

Luis Carlos, the Postmaster General, sees Gregorio’s deed as more than just an individual act of integrity. “Our employees prove time and again that the culture of honesty is truly present in all post offices and remote areas of the country,” he said, highlighting a larger narrative of trust and reliability intrinsic to Filipino values.

This heartwarming tale from San Mateo is not just about a lost wallet returned. It’s a reminder of the enduring spirit of honesty and integrity that thrives in the Philippines. As PMG Carlos aptly noted, “A simple achievement like this will set a bigger example for others to emulate.”

The Philippine Post Office has paid tribute to Filipino teachers as superheroes in postage stamps and continues to encourage students to write letters to them.

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