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Face mask disinfection device invented by Elpidio Paras undergoes DOST evaluation

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
Face mask disinfection Elpidio Paras
The Parazapp UV Disinfection Cabinet has been evaluated and seen to have the potential for disinfecting bacteria and viruses. Photo from DOST.

A face mask disinfection device by Filipino inventor Elpidio Paras has undergone an efficiency evaluation at the Department of Science and Technology- Region 10 (DOST-X).

Engr. Paras, the former CEO of Parasat Cable TV, invented the Parazapp that is intended to disinfect bacteria on face masks that are now considered essential wear amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Parazapp is designed as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial UV Disinfection Cabinet.

It is a portable and low-cost disinfecting equipment that is composed of locally-available materials such as Stainless Steel Cabinet, Timer System, and UV-C Germicidal Lamps.

DOST-X, through its Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories (RSTL), conducted an initial evaluation of the germicidal properties and initial determination of the optimal exposure time for the Parazapp UV Disinfection Cabinet.

The RSTL team treated N95 Face Mask samples with Escherichia Coli (E. coli) bacteria and subjected the samples to different exposure times from 30 seconds to five (5) minutes.

The Parazapp achieved 83 % to 97 % reduction of E. coli populations when used for five (5) minutes. Through statistical methods, the team also estimated the proper exposure time needed to achieve higher reduction levels.

At least 24 minutes of exposure inside the Parazapp may be needed to achieve a 99.99 % reduction of E. coli populations in the masks, and at least 38 minutes may be needed to achieve 99.9999% reduction.

It is worth noting that disinfection through UV radiation also has its limitations. UV disinfection is most effective for flat, non-porous surfaces, and transparent substances

Results were very promising, showing that the Parazapp has the potential for disinfection of different bacteria like E. coli bacteria and other microbes in masks.

With the current rise of COVID-19, the Parazapp has also the potential to disinfect viruses in PPEs and other materials; but requires further research and development with appropriate methods, testing equipment, and facilities.

More innovations being tested by DOST to address the coronavirus pandemic include the use of melatonin sleep aid treatment and virgin coconut oil as a therapy for COVID 19 patients.

SEND CHEERs in the comments below to DOST for helping check the efficacy of the Parazapp face mask disinfection device.

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