Fil-British Pio Abad’s murals permanently displayed in public on London roads

Fil-British Pio Abad's murals
Pio Abad with his 1st-ever permanent public commission artworks called ‘Remember this House’ in London. Photo credits to Pio’s Instagram.

Filipino-British mural artist Pio Abad has launched his 1st-ever permanent public commission mural artworks that are rising in Kilburn High Road and Burton Road, London, United Kingdom (UK).

The masterpiece of the leading artist in the UK called “Remember this House” takes the form of two murals inspired by vanitas still life paintings that were finished and erected on the London roads on October 12, 2020.

Abad’s vanitas murals portray objects and artifacts that tell the story of local residents living in the High Road as well as objects he photographed on the street which according to him, are “carriers of narratives.”

The subjects of Abad’s murals consist of objects like an ashtray, a face mask, a Romanian Easter egg, a leather bag, a wooden clock, among others.

Along with the murals are the brass plaques installed at the public walls of Kilburn Road that embed the Filipino artist’s name and the history and provenance of each object in the murals.

Some of the artifacts described by Pio are:

  • set of wedding jewelry used by three generations of Patel women
  • Irish dancing shoe
  • traditional Somali shoulder bag donated by Rhoda Ibrahim to Brent Museum
  • ceramic clock purchased by Warren Reilly’s grandmother from a charity shop on the high street
  • leather suitcase used by Shashikant Patel when he fled Uganda for Brent in 1971
  • metal ashtray from HMT Empire Windrush

The Fil-Brit artist shared on his Instagram that his artworks are finally open to the public, saying:

“I hope these works can offer some levity amidst our collective loss and celebrate the histories of the community of Kilburn who have been so generous in sharing their objects and their stories for this project.”

The 1st permanent public artwork of the leading artist is co-commissioned by Create London and Brent Borough of Culture 2020.

Pio has held numerous exhibitions internationally including the one he had in the Philippines titled ‘Fairest of the Fair’ – Bellas Artes Projects, Manila in 2019.

Talented Filipino artists along with their artworks were featured in various international exhibitions including Patrick Fernandez’s immigrant art showcased in a solo exhibit in Canada, Fil-Am painter Lolita Valderrama Savage showcased her artworks in Florence, Italy, Filipino artworks were featured in National Gallery Singapore, artist Mark Justiniani spotlighted at Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition 2019.

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