Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz honored by Ellen DeGeneres

Filipino-American nurse Ellen DeGeneres
Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz received the surprise of her life after sharing her inspiring story on the Ellen Show. Screengrab from EllenTube.

American television host Ellen DeGeneres honored Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz with a brand-new car as a token of appreciation for her work as a medical frontliner.

DeGeneres’ popular Ellen Show has been highlighting the contributions and sacrifices of healthcare workers. Los Angeles-based Flor Maylyn Roz was among the lucky frontline workers the American comedian featured on the show.

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In the episode uploaded on December 9, 2020, DeGeneres and executive producer Andy Lassner surprised the Filipina with a Hyundai SUV after hearing her incredible story during the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally from Iligan City, Flor Maylyn Roz says that she became a nurse because she had “always loved helping people” and added that because of the COVID-19 outbreak, she couldn’t come home to her own family for months.

“People who are sick since they cannot be visited by their family, I will be the one who’s gonna be by their side and let them know that there is this person who loves them,” Roz said.

The Filipina nurse herself had tested positive for the coronavirus back in March, which left her unable to financially support her family while she was sick. Roz told the Ellen Show that she sometimes gets a ride from Uber or walks to work because she and her husband only share one car.

After the interview, Ellen DeGeneres and producer Andy Lassner visited Roz’s home to personally deliver her car, a brand-new Hyundai Palisade, to ensure she no longer has to rely on her colleagues or a ride-sharing app to come to work daily.

“You’re amazing. What is it like for you to be on the frontlines all this time?” DeGeneres asked Roz.

“I’m so honored just being there for people who I’ve taken care of,” the Filipina nurse tearfully explained.

“Just know how much we love you and appreciate you and when you’re exhausted…when you can barely go on anymore, just remember how many people love you and are so grateful for you,” DeGeneres told Roz.

Filipino nurses are hailed among the best workers in the world. UK’s Minnie Klepacz was awarded the British Empire Medal while May Parsons even administered the first approved COVID-19 vaccine to 90-year-old Margaret Keenan, who is the first person to receive the coronavirus inoculation in the United Kingdom.

WATCH the Ellen Show episode below and SEND CHEERS in the comments to Filipino-American nurse Flor Maylyn Roz for her outstanding work and sacrifices while working in the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic!

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